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Thank you for your interest in joining one of our network committees. Please complete the online eligibility check below which will be considered by the network committee in conjunction with the Head of Membership. To support our volunteers we have comprehensive policies and guidance including:

  • Committee member roles and responsibilities for CIOL networks
  • Guidance for the running of CIOL networks
  • Volunteer Policy
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

CIOL has a number of active member-led networks ranging from its three specialist divisions to a number of networks and societies, which cover different locations, languages and sectors. Each plays an important role by offering members a range of CPD based events and activities which support CIOL’s strategic aims and an opportunity for CIOL members to come together for mutual benefit.  

The Divisions

Business, Professions and Government 
Division (BPG)
Division (ID)

Division (TD)


Networks & Societies

Lincolnshire    Gloucestershire    Scotland    Midlands    London & South East    China Networks    

German Language    Hong Kong    Spain    Brazil Network    Education Society


The appointment process has been developed in conjunction with our networks and is designed to be professional, fair and supportive. The focus will be on the skills and qualities that you can bring which complement the existing committee members. 

The process is committee-led with support from the Head of Membership. Importantly we want to ensure that our networks are led by people who reflect the diversity of our membership and the language professions within which our members work. 

If successful, the initial appointment will be for one year; this may be extended by a further two years by mutual agreement. Following your first full three year term, you will be eligible to be re-appointed for a further three years should you wish to do so, after which time you will be required to step down for three years, before being eligible to stand again. You can of course step down at any time during your appointed term of office.

If you have any questions about any aspect of committee appointment processes please do not hesitate to contact the Head of Membership, Rob Beswick by email or by phone +44 (0)207 940 3100. 

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