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Date & Time: Thursday 6 October 2022, 7:30 pm

Good rhetoric: "the art of influencing the soul through words" (Plato 48).

Plato defined rhetoric as a persuasive tactic used to convey logic and reason from one man to another, or to a group of peoples via ethos, logos and pathos – modes of persuasion first defined by Aristotle.

The art of successful argument has been around for centuries, for both educational and recreational purposes, centred around content, style and strategy From Ancient Greece to the Age of Enlightenment in the 18th...

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The Education Society runs a variety of professional development events, benefitting CIOL members and non-members alike. Click an event to see its original listing and, if applicable, event reports and downloadable materials:

The CIOL Education Society aims to unite linguists at various stages of their education and career, including  school leavers, students, teachers, tutors, academics and established professionals, passionate about fluency and keen to acquire new languages.

Additionally, we will emphasise the diverse range of pedagogy and language learning methods, demonstrating how new and established research can support current members and those considering joining the Chartered Institute of Linguists.

The benefits of a multilingual education are well documented, and our events will highlight the importance of being multilingual in today’s world.

Joining CIOL Education Society events will provide networking and learning opportunities in a variety of languages, using both personal and professional scenarios. The Society seeks to partner with institutions offering international learning experiences, encouraging independent language acquisition, cultural awareness and a growth mindset, thus optimising future prospects and employment opportunities.

We look forward to welcoming enthusiastic members, as well as those interested in partnering with us to our forthcoming events and learning community.

Role Bio
Miss Maria-Elena METAXAS

BA (Hons) MCIL


Since embarking on a PGCE in 2014, Maria-Elena has enjoyed enthusing others within Education, gaining experience in a variety of 11-18 secondary schools, with a particular focus on Sixth Form teaching. She encourages multilingualism and enjoys tutoring linguaphiles of all ages and starting points. Travel continues to feature heavily in her life, since her degree in Joint Honours French and German, inspired by diverse philosophical thought, literary flâneurs and Bavarian Gemütlichkeit.
Industry experience, following an MA in Marketing and Advertising, established professional fluency in Greek, French and German, in the fields of consumer photography, commercial printing and aesthetic orthodontics. Maria-Elena joined the CIOL in March 2018 and continues researching effective pedagogical methods, supporting language and grammar proficiency. In 2021, whilst teaching MFL at Sixth Form, she undertook a research project on Dual Coding, supporting accurate language application and long-term memory retention.
‘’I am fascinated how languages and cultural insight empower people to better communicate with each other in a variety of settings, facilitating personal growth through the acquisition of unique skills and savoir-faire, valued by many employers. Raised bilingual, speaking Greek at home and English at school, my career path as a linguist became inevitable, upon discovering the joys and challenges of learning two diametrically opposed languages, French and German. My dedication to bilingual communication using a CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) approach, imbues learners with confidence, despite their fear of making mistakes. A spirited logophile, I actively pursue, or accidentally stumble upon interesting or untranslatable vocabulary with true meraki, unique words linked to a particular country or culture, conveying the soul, creativity, and true essence of linguistic heritage. Multilingualism ensures that the world remains accessible, leading to connected, global communities. The virtual world ensures that, el mundo es un pañuelo.’

Miss Elizabeth BEEVERS

Student Affiliate

Committee member

Elizabeth Beevers is a third-year undergraduate linguist at Trinity College, University of Cambridge. She is reading Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics, specialising in Romance linguistics. On her Year Abroad, she will be assisting the Philology department at the University of Salamanca, before working in Paris as an M&A intern at Alvarez and Marsal. Following graduation, Elizabeth will be training as a solicitor at a magic circle law firm, Clifford Chance LLP.

“Having followed a linguistically centred path, as per my degree and extensive travelling and working abroad, multilingualism has formed the natural basis of my educational career. I believe linguistic competencies reflect a certain dedication, forward-thinking and attention to detail that may be effected in both educational standards and social skills. My specialisation in Romance Linguistics at Cambridge have allowed me to explore both the cultural and diachronic elements of language, thereby appreciating the impact that language acquisition can have on both our cognitive and social development. Upon graduation, I will continue to use languages when I begin my career with the international law firm, Clifford Chance LLP.”

Miss Tia Smith

Undergraduate student

Committee member

Tia Smith is a new undergraduate student who will be studying LLB law with French law at the University of Leeds towards the end of September. Throughout her time in sixth form, Tia immersed herself into the French language and culture which solidified her interest in languages in general. Beyond linguistics, Tia has taken the time to develop a myriad of industry awareness including interviews with an executive director of RSM UK as well as participating in workshops on topics such as the Stephen Lawrence case and international human rights law.
“I am someone who enjoys participating in new things and trying different approaches to various aspects of life, both personal and professional. Language learning has aided me in developing numerous competences as I have been able to view things from a grammatical and analytical perspective as the language and culture are intertwined. A recent method of study I have indulged in is a dual coding process that I was introduced to in sixth form which focuses on memory retention through a combination of senses such as sight and hearing. I am excited to share my experiences within a like-minded community”

Georgina Metaxas


Committee member

Georgina Metaxas is a qualified solicitor with five years’ experience in Banking and Law firms in England and Scotland. Bilingual in Greek and English, with working proficiency in French, she completed a degree in European Comparative and International Law (LLB), including an Erasmus placement at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, prior to her LPC in Corporate/Commercial Law. Having completed her training in London and qualifying with the SRA, Georgina is currently employed in Athens, Greece, practicing law in the Shipping sector.
‘’Fluency and cultural understanding are paramount in effective workplace relations. Spoken and written communication is greatly enhanced, leading to smoother negotiations with colleagues, clients and stakeholders. Since university, I have travelled extensively to broaden my cultural perspectives. Exploring the world provides countless opportunities to build my global network, acquire new skills and strengthens receptibility to new ideas, experiences, languages, as well as being at ease in social situations.’’