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Student Affiliate

Student Affiliate membership is open to all language undergraduate and postgraduate students studying in the UK and internationally. Applicants will normally be working towards achieving:

  • a degree in a language
  • a joint honours degree which includes a language
  • a post-graduate programme in a language or specialism such as translation or interpreting
  • a degree taken in a non-native language i.e. English medium of instruction

If you are a linguist preparing for or intending to take an CIOLQ professional qualification you could also consider joining as a Study Affiliate.

Simply complete our online form to become a Student Affiliate today.

Why join?

Recognition as a Linguist

Becoming a Student Affiliate demonstrates that you are a linguist, and on a pathway which could lead to you becoming a language professional and a Chartered Linguist, all helping to improve your career prospects.


You can join any of our events, networks and societies, helping you to build your own network and giving you the opportunity to interact with other linguists and language professionals.


Student Affiliates may attend CIOL's webinars, and have access to a range of webinars in the members' webinar library.


You also have free digital access to CIOL's professional journal The Linguist and the full archive.

Get involved

Raise your profile by contributing to discussions and find out more about your future career options as a linguist.

Discounts and savings

Student Affiliates can gain access to a range of useful discounts and savings.

What does it cost?

Student Affiliate membership of CIOL is free.

When can I join?

You may apply to join at any time. Your membership will be active until your anticipated course completion date.

On successful completion of your course you can upgrade your Student membership to Career Affiliate with a general language qualification or Associate if you have an applied or vocational qualification specialising in translation and/or interpreting, which are the next steps on your route to becoming a full Member and a Chartered Linguist.

What do I do next?

You will need a written confirmation of course enrolment from your course provider to upload as part of your application. This should be on official letterhead and include the course title and the dates when the course begins and ends. It can be an image, PDF or Word file. You will also need to provide your personal email address for confirmation purposes.

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Simply complete our online form to become a student member today.