Translating Division

The main focus of the Committee's activities is member support and engagement through events. Nearly 80% of CIOL members are translators and the opportunity to network and undertake relevant and timely CPD is a valuable benefit of CIOL membership. TD events are also open to non-members; TD therefore plays a vital role in supporting the CIOL’s strategic aim to grow membership and to raise awareness of CIOL.

TD welcomes ideas and suggestions for topics from CIOL members. Please contact the Committee through the link on the right if you have a suggestion.

The TD Committee would like to thank the 407 members who responded to its Event Survey at the end of 2016. Here is a summary of the results which has helped the Committee to plan events for the 2017/18 membership year.

Date: Friday 29 November 2019
Venue: Manchester

The meanings associated with modalities typically concern notions such as the perceived truth or likelihood of events, orders, suggestions, wishes, intentions, necessity, obligation, moral desirability, politeness, etc. They are extremely subtle, highly frequent and clearly play a key role in human communication.

Translating modalities is all the more demanding since equivalent meanings are conveyed in languages through widely differing methods (moods, modal verbs, particles, syntax, lexical solutions, intonation, etc.).

The purpose of this one-day workshop is to provide a...

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Date: Saturday 9 May 2020
Venue: London

More information coming soon.

Date: Saturday 26 September 2020
Venue: Manchester

More information coming soon.

Date: Friday 27 November 2020
Venue: London

More information coming soon.

TD runs a variety of professional development events, benefitting CIOL members and non-members alike. Click an event to see its original listing and, if applicable, event reports and downloadable materials:

TD is the largest of the three specialist divisions and welcomes all CIOL members who are practising or aspiring translators and those who have a professional interest in translation. Students interested in a career in translation and IoLET Affiliate members preparing for the Diploma in Translation are also welcome.

TD offers a variety of sector-specific events to help practitioners stay up-to-date plus events that cover subject areas based on relevance and on members' suggestions.

Take a look at the Events Survey results to see what kinds of events members would like TD to run, and therefore what the commitee will aim to organise.

Through TD, members can also contribute and benefit from the lively discussion on the TransNet forum in addition to drawing upon its useful repository of resources.

At all times TD works closely with CIOL's membership team and its other professional divisions, societies and networks, to support CIOL's strategic aims. 

Furthermore, TD is committed to upholding CIOL's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy and other policies such as data protection and brand guidelines in the course of its activities.

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The Division is run by an elected Committee made up of volunteers, who are all members of CIOL.

Election to the Committee is open to all Associates, Members and Fellows. Committee members are elected at the Division’s AGM, normally held in September, for a period of one year. Committee members may be re-appointed up to a maximum term of six years before a three-year break is required.

In addition, the Committee can co-opt up to three committee members, who may be from any category of membership of the Institute. Co-opted committee members will hold office until the next AGM and can be re-appointed until the following AGM, by Committee agreement. Co-opted Committee members, at the end of their term of office can, if eligible, stand for election at the next AGM

The Committee shall consist of at least five and not more than seven Divisional members. At the Committee's first meeting following the AGM, it will appoint a Chair and Treasurer (and Deputy Chair and Secretary if thought necessary) from the elected committee members.

Meet the current Committee:

Role Bio


Co-ordinator and Treasurer

Karine trained as an English teacher in her native Aix-en-Provence but moved to Wiltshire in 1998 on marrying her English husband. She worked in various sectors including wine, landscape architecture and law before setting up “Karine’s Languages and Administrative Services” in 2011. She now runs a busy practice translating both from and into French, as well as teaching French. Karine has been an active member of CIOL since joining in 2015, subsequently gaining Chartered status in both translation and education in 2017.
Having previously worked for the British Armed Services in Wiltshire for 3 years as a French teacher, assessor and moderator, she has been appointed by IoLET General Language Moderator for the MoD and DPSI exams and French language assessor for the Foreign Office. Karine has been the Treasurer of the Translating Division since January 2017 and is delighted to have been elected Chair in October 2018.

Miss Martina Eco


Committee member

Martina Eco is a professional Italian Marketing Consultant, Translator and Interpreter for Business Communications. She has been helping UK-Based small to medium companies, entrepreneurs and freelances looking to break into the Italian Travel & Tourism, Hospitality, Food & Beverages markets since 2011. She is the owner of “3 P Translations”, a company that helps English-speaking SMEs in the food, tourism and hospitality industries grow internationally by providing bespoke translation and interpreting services. Martina also works as a business and marketing consultant at London South Bank University, and she supports other translators by giving workshops on marketing and business development in and outside of London.


BA (Hons) DipTrans MCIL

Committee member None provided
Mrs Rachel Wingfield


Committee member None provided
Ms Eveleen NAROUZ

DipTrans MCIL

Committee member

Eveleen is an Arabic translator, interpreter and tutor. After passing her DipTrans exams in 2010, she decided to spend time to focus on her family. In 2015 she resumed teaching and got into interpreting, which she really enjoys. As part of Eveleen’s job she does mental health interpreting. At the moment she is doing a course in understanding mental health to help her with assignments and in the future she hopes to combine her language skills with mental health therapy.

Mrs Vasiliki PRESTIDGE


Committee member (co-opted)

Vasiliki started her career in 2011 when completing her MA in Business Translation and Interpreting at Surrey University. She has since held various roles including video game LQA testing, web editing, public service interpreting, and translation project management. She works with Greek and English and specialises in law, marketing and psychometrics. You will often find her interpreting at the Greek Embassy in London, and speaking at events. She writes articles for her blog or industry blogs and magazines. She teaches Greek for adults and she believes in CPD and holding the highest professional standards. She became a Chartered Linguist in December 2017 and joined the BPG Division Committee in September 2018, and the Translating Division Committee in October 2018. She manages the Division’s Twitter account.

Ms Jennifer RADFORD


Committee member (co-opted)

Jenni is a freelance translator specialising in legal and business translations from Spanish into English. She has a professional background in the legal and international business sectors, and lived and worked in Spain for a number of years.
After returning to the UK, she changed career path in 2003 and worked as a bilingual legal secretary at an Anglo-Spanish law firm, which included in-house translation. She also obtained the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting in English law and worked as a freelance interpreter.
Subsequently, she worked for regional and international law firms, and Spanish and global multinationals.
In addition to the Diploma in Translation, she holds an MA in Translation Studies from Portsmouth University and has been working as a freelance translator since 2015. She maintains close professional and personal links with Spain, and returns there regularly. Having volunteered at previous Translating Division events, she joined the Committee as a co-opted member in October 2018.

If you are interested in joining the Committee, we would be delighted to hear from you. Simply fill in our Online Eligibility Check form and a member of the committee will contact you for a no obligation discussion.

What's involved?

The TD Committee meets on average five times a year; meetings and are normally held on a weekday at CIOL's offices in Farringdon and are scheduled to last for two hours.  The Division normally runs, but is not restricted to, two key events a year (May and November) plus its Annual General Meeting in September.  Meetings are held to:

  • agree the annual events programme including training and CPD topics
  • proposing guest speakers and presenters
  • planning events

In addition the Committee may also:

  • survey TD members to ensure that its activities and support continues to meet with members professional and personal development needs
  • review event feedback forms and make suggestions for improving future events based on delegates comments and ratings
  • respond to TD member queries, raised via TransNet or the bespoke TD email account, which the Committee will also monitor
  • in conjunction with the CIOL's membership team, ensure the TD website page is up-to-date
  • act as moderator for the TransNet forum
  • act as a source of specialist advice to support the CIOL's membership team, senior management team and Council and provide good practice guidance as and when required
  • have a social media presence

The TD AGM was held on Saturday 22 September 2018.

Updates will follow in due course.

Chair's Report 2018