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By professionals, for professionals - Our qualifications for translators and interpreters are developed to meet professional language standards and are regularly reviewed to ensure that they remain relevant, reliable and valid. Created by fellow language professionals, they are designed to allow candidates to demonstrate the highest levels of interpreting and translating. They are widely recognised by government departments, agencies, business organisations and public services.

Valued everywhere - With quality assurance guaranteed through Ofqual, and backed by our own professional standards and Royal Charter as the Chartered Institute, CIOL Qualifications candidates can be confident that our exams are both fair, consistent and transparent and carry lasting value for their work, career and life. CIOL Qualifications are seen both by public services and Language Service Providers as a sure sign of high standards and professionalism in a very competitive marketplace.

In a comprehensive range of languages - We pride ourselves on the range of languages in which we are able to offer qualification. In addition to commonly assessed languages such as Arabic, French, Chinese and Russian for example, we are also able to offer languages such as Pashto, Thai, Tigrinya and Vietnamese and combinations such as Mirpuri/Urdu or Sylheti/Bengali. We draw on a comprehensive database of language experts to support qualification production and delivery and provide rigorous training for all those directly involved in assessing our candidates. Overall we assess in over 50 languages.

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