Chartered Institute
of Linguists

Rejoin CIOL

It's easy to rejoin

If you've previously been a member of CIOL we would be delighted to welcome you back at the same grade of membership! It's easy to rejoin.

  • If your membership has lapsed within the last year, just email us your up to date CV or share your LinkedIn profile. No re-admission fee will be applied.  
  • If your membership lapsed within the last one to three years, please email us your CV and a supporting statement which evidences your professional practice. Please confirm if you have continued to work at least 120 days per year and the type of language work you do. There is a readmission fee of £30 to cover the assessment, along with the appropriate annual membership fee.
  • If your membership lapsed more than three years ago, we will need more evidence from you. Please submit a full application form.
  • If you would like to apply for a different grade of membership, please submit a full application form.

If you were chartered you will just need to include evidence of CPD and your practising hours to reinstate your chartership, subject to meeting the current admissions criteria.


Why rejoin?

CIOL members are part of an internationally recognised and respected network of linguists. As you will know, membership of CIOL offers language professionals a range of benefits and services which enable you to be recognised as a linguist, raise your profile, support your professional development, provide access to valuable information and tools and connect you with other linguists through our member networks. 

Professional membership demonstrates that you have met CIOL's rigorous admissions criteria. Members in the professional grades of Associate, Member and Fellow have enhanced professional status from the post nominals ACIL (Associate), MCIL (Member) and FCIL (Fellow) and don't forget, if you meet the criteria you may also be eligible for chartership.

CIOL members also have access to a range of benefits, but over 90% of members value their professional recognition and being part of an international community of linguists most of all.