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The Languages Gateway is the UK’s new portal for languages. It is a gateway to opportunities, resources and information about the wider field of languages, and its link to an understanding and appreciation of cultures and societies, which is of interest to a wide range of stakeholders.

The Gateway itself is one element of a wider approach to redefining a new strategic approach for languages, in both educational and professional contexts, formal and informal.

In this sense The Languages Gateway is a portal for, and on behalf of, everyone engaged in languages; a collaborative venture through which we can coordinate access to information, and communicate a clear, optimistic and positive narrative to prospective and future linguists.

Key points

The Languages Gateway ( is the UK’s national ‘one stop shop for all things languages’, aimed at helping and informing anyone interested in, or involved in languages in the UK.

  • The need for this portal was identified by 'Towards a National Languages Strategy', developed by the British Academy, the AHRC, ASCL, the British Council and Universities UK and supported by the Chartered Institute of Linguists.
  • Its development has been supported by leading organisations and stakeholders representing both the public, private and not-for-profit sectors – including the Chartered Institute of Linguists.
  • The Gateway aims to list and maintain a comprehensive collection of resources, networks, organisations and opportunities across the languages spectrum.


Along with all The Languages Gateway stakeholders, it is our shared vision to support a UK in which all languages are valued and virtually everyone has some ability in at least one language in addition to English. It is our shared mission to help increase language-learning by facilitating access to existing opportunities and information, by increasing awareness of them and by fostering links between different sectors. In particular The Languages Gateway seeks to improve coordination, communication and collaboration between the various elements and associations and organisations that make up the wider languages sector across the UK.


Visit the Gateway and explore the different drop-down categories to discover what has been listed so far.

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