Brazil Network

Date & Time: Wednesday 13 July 2022, 8:00 pm

This presentation is an insight into the world of media fixing.

In broadcasting and journalism, a fixer is a member of a team or film crew working in a foreign country, who has local knowledge and language skills, and assists the team as required to enable and facilitate their work while in the country. This may include, for example, translating/interpreting, setting up meetings/interviews/shoot locations, making practical arrangements for transport and accommodation.

This talk will bring Ben Kohn's personal experiences of working as...

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This is a network for those who are interested in meeting other members for informal networking and support, foreign language conversation and social events such as talks and foreign language film showings.

Role Bio

DipTrans MCIL CL

I joined the British Army at 16, and loved being around all those different UK accents – the seed was sown, and my fascination for languages grew during my five years based in the then West Germany and other locations around the world during the Cold War.
I then spent 12 years in various law enforcement roles in Sussex, and in 2001 took a career break and backpacked around South America solo for 12 months, learning Spanish, some basic Quechua, and Portuguese.
I moved to southeastern Brazil in 2003, and after five years teaching Cambridge courses at an English school I took the plunge and began working full-time with translation and interpreting, setting up my own business in 2010. I obtained the DipTrans in 2011, and became Chartered in 2018. I manage a couple of long-term linguistic support projects and provide local fixing and consultancy services.
I’m a big fan of networking, both in person and remotely with colleagues around the globe, and have worked on some amazing projects as a result of the contacts I’ve made. I set up the Brazil Network to promote CIOL among Brazilians and those having a connection with or interest in the country, and to share in the benefits of contact with such great people!

Mr José Roberto Costa

DipTrans MCIL CL

Roberto Costa has a degree in English, Portuguese and French from Universidade Católica de Santos, Brazil and a Post-Graduate Degree in TEFL from the Holmesglen Institute, Melbourne, Australia.
Roberto has an exceptionally deep knowledge of the English language and has taught English as a Foreign Language in Australia, Italy and Brazil. He also served as ELT consultant and teacher trainer for Pearson Education, Brazil before being invited to manage the Promotions Department of Cambridge University Press, Brazil.
In 2014 he migrated to Italy, where he held a teaching position at Istituto Europeo di Design, helping Italian and international students with their learning of English as a second Language. In 2015, he joined the local operation of Cambridge University Press, working as an ELT Consultant for Rome and later for the northeast of Italy.
After moving to the UK in 2018, Roberto got his Diploma in Translation from the Chartered Institute of Linguists, and has for some time been working as a translator for several companies and as an interpreter for the NHS.

Mrs Maria Cristina Petrizzi DA SILVA

DipTrans MCIL CL

Born in Brazil, Cris started her career in languages as a teacher, but her true calling was to be a translator and interpreter. In 2000, she became a sworn translator in Brazil and soon after that, she opened her own company. Specializing in agricultural biotechnology and legal English, she was able to provide bespoke services to her clients who were happy to recommend her company. Soon, she started to serve some major agribusiness companies, as well as other companies linked to this important industry. In her ongoing pursuit of new experiences and eagerness to travel the world, Cris lived for a year in the UK, then in the US, then Australia, and 4 years in Italy, until moving back to the UK. She joined the CIOL and in 2019 she sat for the Diploma of Translation (DipTrans). Cris was not only approved with Distinction in all papers, but she was also granted an Award as the Best Candidate for the Diploma in Translation 2019. Today, as a Member of the CIOL Council, she aspires to help disseminate the importance of Qualification for Linguists to get the Recognition they deserve.