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Further raise your professional profile by upgrading your CIOL membership today

It is important that your current grade of membership accurately reflects the level at which you're working and the experience you have as a linguist, in addition to the academic and professional qualifications you may hold. In our last membership survey, nearly 90% of CIOL members stated that the main reason for joining and maintaining their membership is the professional recognition it brings plus the mark of quality assurance and verification of your fitness to practise as a language professional.

Achieving professional membership of CIOL demonstrates that you have met the rigorous requirements, professional standards and requisite work experience to be admitted as either an Affiliate, Associate, Member or Fellow.

Above all, membership of CIOL demonstrates to clients, employers and peers your linguistic level, commitment to quality and professionalism and your love of languages.

Am I eligible?

You should be a current CIOL member in order to upgrade and you must meet the Admissions Criteria for the new grade of membership.

What does it cost?

There is a non-refundable upgrade fee of £30 for upgrade applications. 

Student Affiliates and Study Affiliates upgrading will receive a 30% discount on their membership fee. For Career Affiliates, Associates and full Members upgrading, the value of any remaining months on your existing grade of membership will be deducted on a pro-rata basis from the new membership fee due. At the next renewal you will be asked to pay the full year's membership fee for your new higher grade.

How to upgrade

Once you have determined which grade of membership you may be eligible to apply for, please complete the upgrade application form

If you're still unsure, please contact the membership team at