Working as a Translator

The value of being Qualified

To be qualified as a translator opens a world of opportunity globally. Linguists who hold qualifications like the CIOLQ CertTrans have demonstrated skills which will help them progress in their translation careers. Proven translation skills will be of value to recently graduating students and also to people who work or want to work in international organisations, as well as many linguists in business, the professions and government. 

The value of being Recognised

Practicing translators recognise that professional qualifications add to their credentials, increase their client base and underpin their fees. The CertTrans can support holders of the qualification in becoming a freelance translator, working with translation agencies or bring success with in-house translation roles. The CertTrans is also a great qualification to be recognised in additional languages, adding more strings to your bow. 

More experienced and well established translators can then further develop specialisms such as medical, business, legal translation etc. or develop knowledge in new areas or fields from economics, science and technology to arts and culture all of which can be demonstrated via the semi-specialised units of the CIOLQ DipTrans.

The value of being a CIOL Member 

Linguists who hold the CIOLQ CertTrans or DipTrans can apply for membership of CIOL and join our professional community of linguists. To find out more about the working lives of professional translators and CIOL members read this guide Working as a Translator or click on the image below.