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The resources below bring together some of the ways in which language graduates - including international, bilingual and multilingual graduates - can develop and use their languages and English in a variety of professional and international contexts.  

These resources evidence the lasting value of languages for those with Degree and Master's qualifications as well as CIOL's professional language qualifications.

The Chartered Institute of Linguists offers free Student membership in recognition of the importance to our mission and purpose of supporting students, study and progression in languages .

Language Professionals

What it takes to be a translator or an interpreter and why it's worth it.

 "If you enjoy variety, exciting and challenging work, this is for you". 

Read more about careers in translation and see some of the resources which give an insight into the lives and work of translators and interpreters who are Chartered Institute of Linguists Members, including the advice they would give their younger selves and the careers their languages have made possible.

Global Graduates

"Language degrees provide skills well beyond proficiency with languages which are important to employers and which can be under-appreciated both by students and by employers.” British Academy, Born Global.

Read CIOL Vice President Jocelyn Wyburd and CIOL's own Dom Hebblethwaite on intercultural competence.

See Dr Begoña Rodríguez de Céspedes' research on the languages skills which are in demand in the UK jobs market.

These resources can provide evidence and reassurance to employers, educators, international institutions and clients of the communicative, intercultural and professional value of successful language study and practice.

Read why CIOL Vice President Baroness Jean Coussins is positive about languages and more points of view on CIOL Voices.

Languages change lives

"If I have to summarise the meaning of the English language in one word, then it has to be freedom. Freedom to relate to others, explore new cultures, freedom of information, to do what I want to do for a living and live in a place I love."

Read more from the British Council about the future of English and 'The English Effect'.

Watch about Mia Nacamulli's TED talk on the the benefits of the bilingual brain and MIT Neuroscientist Ev Fedorenko on how the brain actually processes language.

Read more about CIOL's work with international universities to support high quality language provision.

Become a CIOL Member

Student Affiliate membership is free and is open to all language undergraduate and postgraduate students studying in the UK and overseas.

Student Affiliates will normally be working towards a language degree, a joint honours degree which includes a language, a post-graduate programme in a language or a Master's in translation or interpreting.

If you already have a langauge based degree look at the CIOL Associate Fast Track.

If you are a member of academic or teaching staff you should consider Full CIOL Membership.

The Certificate in Translation (CertTrans)

The CertTrans has been developed with early career translation skills as its focus, for those wanting to build a career as a translator or in international organisations. 

'A valuable professional qualification that provides benchmark evidence of practical working-level translation skills and knowledge'.

The CertTrans offers the opportunity to acquire a degree-level translation qualification that demonstrates the ability to work in languages, which will also assist those who want to use their written skills in international organisations worldwide.

Click here or try our YouTube Channel.

Language Level Assessments

CIOL's Language Level Assessments are for adults who want to prove to themselves or to employers their current standard of speaking skills in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Urdu, Yoruba and many more languages from all around the world.

Our new CIOL Language Level Assessments offer speakers of second or additional languages the opportunity to prove their language skills according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and thereby against wider international standards and CIOL's Language Level Frameworks. 

If you are also interested in testing your spoken English visit the Certified English pages.