Lincolnshire Society

The inaugural meeting of the Lincolnshire Society was held in June 1998. Membership of the Society is free and CIOL members as well as non-members are very welcome at all our events. Information about our events is available by email from Society Secretary Brigitte Peach MCIL, in The Linguist and on the events page of this website.

The aim of the Lincolnshire Society is to be a local meeting point for people to find out more about the CIOL and what it has to offer; to be a contact point for information and professional networking, and to provide varied presentations and events during the year. These events aim to involve members working in all areas of languages. Committee members have also in the past given presentations to local business people about the correct use of translators and interpreters.

We hold several events each year, plus an Annual General Meeting in Lincoln. In the past, events have been held on subjects such as MA courses in translation and interpreting studies, continuous professional development, designing a website, effective use of the internet by linguists, translation software, the new A/AS level syllabus in languages, the latest changes in Public Service Interpreting, marketing for freelance translators and setting up as a freelance interpreter or translator. We also organise social and networking events.

Chair's Report: AGM May 2017

Role Bio
Mrs Candia HILLIER

DipTrans MCIL

Chair None provided

BA (Hons) MCIL

Committee member None provided
Mrs Katarzyna COX


Committee member None provided
Mrs Madeleine COX


Committee member None provided
Lady Brigitte PEACH


Secretary None provided


Treasurer None provided

Date: Saturday 28 April 2018 11:00pm
Venue: Lincoln

In addition to the Annual General Meeting of the Lincolnshire Society and a celebratory lunch to mark its twentieth anniversary, this special day will include a session called "Max Your Voice - find out more about your voice quality and how to exploit it", with Frances Parkes.

This session will focus on how voice and speech are produced in the body, how it is amplified and the most efficient way to project it. Frances will also teach us to use our voice in an unforced, dynamic way and introduce techniques such as the basic Grotowski voice exercises. She will also... (View full event description)

The Lincolnshire Society runs a variety of professional development events, benefitting CIOL members and non-members alike. Click an event to see its original listing and, if applicable, event reports and downloadable materials: