Chartered Institute
of Linguists

How CIOL has helped my career

By Rosa Insua Salgueiro

As an English to Spanish translator and interpreter, I joined CIOL while I was still studying for my MA in Translation and Interpreting. What attracted me at the time was the discounted student fee and the thought that it would be a great way to launch my career.

I am now a full member and a Chartered Linguist. In an unregulated profession such as ours, it’s extremely important to offer high quality services and quality assurance, not only to prove to our clients that we are committed to our career but also that we are true professionals and not just doing a part-time gig!

Being a CIOL member, and in particular a Chartered Linguist, proves that you are committed to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) which means you are always learning, sharpening your saw, not only in your specialisations and languages but also in topics related to business development. There is an array of resources to which any CIOL member can access: from free webinars and paid workshops to guidance on Model Terms of Business for translators and interpreters as well as professional support.

I have to admit that the aspect that I enjoy the most as a member of CIOL is networking and being part of the CIOL community. I’ve been a member of the CIOL Translation Division Steering Group for the last three years and I have met wonderful colleagues, linguists with different backgrounds and language combinations and great ideas, whose main aim is to be a beacon of light in this somehow dark world of translation and interpreting.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a wonderful industry and one can make a very decent living out of it. The difficult part is finding your way, especially when you are new to the profession and out of university.

That’s why I’m grateful to CIOL for supporting me along my professional journey with the best resources and networking opportunities.

That’s why I’m a member.

You should try it too – why not give it a go!

Rosa Insua Salgueiro is an English to Spanish translator and interpreter. When she’s not dealing with words and communication she loves knitting and crocheting

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