Chartered Institute
of Linguists

CIOL Governance

CIOL is served by honorary officers and volunteers and is governed by an elected Council.

  • CIOL Council is made up of a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 elected members. Its primary role is to define CIOL's strategic objectives and monitor their implementation. Council reports formally to members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • The honorary officers of CIOL are the President and Vice-Presidents.
  • CIOL's associated charitable company The IOL Educational Trust is overseen by the Educational Trust Board or ETB.
  • Certain responsibilities – for example, oversight of membership applications, Equality Diversity and Inclusion, editorial support and input to The Linguist journal are supported by other committees and boards.
  • Council meetings normally take place in January, April, July and November.
  • The CIOL AGM is held annually in March or April.

CIOL Council and ETB members represent CIOL from time to time at events and conferences. When speaking publicly in this capacity, they will give their own thoughts and views within a spectrum of responsible and informed professional opinion representative of linguists and language professionals; however their views will not necessarily represent the formal policy and positions of the Chartered Institute of Linguists itself.

Members of Council, Committees & Boards

Member Role Bio


Member of Council

Dr Aboelezz MCIL CL is a Lecturer in Arabic Translation Studies at the University of Liverpool. She previously taught at University College London, Birkbeck College and Lancaster University. She also worked as an Arabic translator at the British Library for seven years.
Her research interests include Arabic linguistics, sociolinguistics and translation, and she has published a number of academic papers in these areas. She is particularly interested in the translation of cultural heritage.
She has been a member of CIOL since 2007 and, in addition to a DipTrans from CIOL Qualifications, holds a PhD in Linguistics and MA in Language Studies from Lancaster University, and a BA in English Language from Ain Shams University in Egypt.
She is passionate about promoting the teaching of non-European languages and fostering positive attitudes towards heritage languages in the UK. She is also eager to contribute towards improving professional standards for Arabic Public Service Interpreting.



Member of Council

Since Rasha was five years old, she has always been known to love language and has a knack for teaching, reading, and learning. Driven by her love for language, she majored in English at Egypt’s most prestigious schools. Even after graduating from her first school, she continued her studies and took a diploma in translation from another prestigious Egyptian school.
Later on, Rasha partnered with her colleagues and became the founder of Ladyingua Ltd, one of the Middle East’s reputable and all-female translation companies. By the end of 2020, Rasha had received an award from the International Alliance for Women (TIAW), and her reputation continued to shine bright. Her contributions are many, including publishing a book for teaching kids English phonics and another called Standing Tall Without Heels, a book about inspiring women in the Arab world.
Rasha has more than 22 years of experience in the industry and is one of the most inspiring women for younger generations. Rasha is also the founder of an online school, R-School, and has been a chartered linguist of CIOL since 2017. She has also been known for her mentoring and solution-focused coaching in supporting women when transitioning and professionally moving forward. Today, Rasha is on the CIOL council and will be working towards achieving the CIOL core values with utmost integrity, dedication and commitment.

Professor Marcela Cazzoli


Member of Council

Marcela Cazzoli is Professor of Spanish and Applied Linguistics at Durham University. Her BA is in English Language and Linguistics, and she holds an MA and PhD in Applied Linguistics. Her research interests include second language acquisition and teaching, and the sociolinguistic outcomes of language contact. Marcela was the Durham lead for Routes into Languages Northeast and lead an OWRI outreach project on sociolinguistic awareness in secondary education, aimed at increasing students’ respect for linguistic diversity. She is Honorary Secretary of the University Council for Languages (UCFL) and of the International Association for the Study of Spanish in Society (SIS).


BA(Hons) MA DipTrans FCIL CL

Member of Council

Emma studied for her BA in German and Music at Royal Holloway, University of London, and her MA in Translation Studies at the University of Surrey, where her tutors included former CIOL President, the late Peter Newmark, and terminology pioneer Margaret Rogers. She has been translating from German, Dutch and French to English since 1993, with extensive experience both as a freelancer and in-house as part of a corporate Language Services department where she is able to spread her professional wings. She has been a member of CIOL since she was a student, progressing up all the membership grades to fellowship, and is now a CIOL Conference speaker and panellist, mentor and regular contributor to the ITI Bulletin, and serves on CIOL’s Membership Committee.
As a member of CIOL Council, Emma is keen to draw on her broad knowledge of the translation profession to help members shape their changing role in an increasingly technological environment.
Emma moved from her home town in SE England to Switzerland in the year 2000 and holds dual British and Swiss nationality.

Mrs Ana Ilievska Zavrsnik


Member of Council

Ana is a lecturer, translator and chartered language specialist for Macedonian and Slovene language based in London. She is working as a cultural and language consultant for public and corporate sectors across the UK, Slovenia and North Macedonia, and as a volunteer translator for international human rights organisations.
Ana is a founder of an online language school Language Yoga where she teaches Macedonian and Slovene and an organiser of Walk and Talk sessions for language professionals.
Having had the privilege to live in different countries made her passionate not just about the languages, but also about behaviour of the society and its cultural customs. Her current linguistic interests are how language shapes our identity and our perception of reality. She advocates the importance of all languages regardless of how and when they came to be and she is committed to defending them by strengthening the ties between their speakers.
She is looking forward to contributing to CIOL’s development and international recognition while breaking down the prejudices that some languages are less important than others.
As well as being a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, she is also a member of the Linguistic Association of Great Britain.

Dr Saihong LI


Member of Council

Dr Li, PhD, FCIL Chartered Linguist, is a Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies at the University of Stirling and a Visiting Professor at the University of Strathclyde. She has substantial international teaching experience and work experience as a business consultant. Dr Li was Chairperson for the Research Ethics Committee at the University of Salford and has been the director of a range of degree programmes at universities in Britain, Denmark, and China. She has also participated in broadcasts for BBC Radio and Danish television and radio. Dr Li was awarded a PhD at the University of Copenhagen in 2009; her doctoral research focused on comparative studies in Translation and Lexicography, working with English, Chinese, and Danish. Dr Li’s diverse research interests fall broadly within the fields of Applied Linguistics, Interpreting and Translation Studies, Lexicography, and Corpus Linguistics. Her publications include monographs and refereed journal articles on themes ranging from menu translation to bi/trilingualism in secondary education. She is an energetic and highly motivated linguist, and looks forward to working with colleagues who are passionate about languages.

Mrs Beatrix METT


Member of Council

Beatrix is a full-time Chartered Translator, using her English and German linguistic skills professionally.
During this three-year term as Member of Council she intends to support President Richard Hardie, Chair of Council Judith Gabler and CEO John Worne in maintaining the CIOL Code of Conduct for all members as well as all relevant CIOL policies.
In February 2013 she presented a CIOL seminar at King’s College London and a year later in New York, USA, her webinar on business and language. As a university mentor she enjoys passing on her knowledge about all aspects of translation and teaching to undergraduates and post-graduates.
From 2014-2019 she was treasurer for the Business Professions and Government Division (BPG) and for the Translating Division (TD). During the time with both CIOL divisions she attended many of the BPG and TD events in person, making new friends among the CIOL members.
Since 2012 she has also been a participant of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Modern Languages, chaired by CIOL Vice-President Baroness Jean Coussins (CB).



Member of Council

Vasiliki is a translator, interpreter, transcreator, blogger, consultant and director of Greek to Me Translations Ltd. She works with English, Greek and French herself and has a team of trusted colleagues who can cover other languages. The offered language services serve mainly the legal, creative, and psychometrics industries.
Vasiliki is a Chartered Linguist, member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL), the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) and Panhellenic Association of Greek Translators (PEM). She is registered with the Greek Embassy in the United Kingdom as a certified translator and interpreter. She holds a BA in English Language and Linguistics and Masters in Business Translation and Interpreting. She is an Associate Lecturer in Legal Translation at London Metropolitan University teaching Legal Translation, Translation for International Organisations, Linguistics, Translation Theory and Strategy. She is a public speaker and writer for industry magazines.
Her mission is to help organisations and individuals achieve their goals through the power of words. Through mentoring, Vasiliki helps aspiring or young translators to overcome self-limiting beliefs, build a business mindset and achieve their highest potential.


DipTrans MCIL CL

Member of Council

Mark holds a degree in German Studies from Lancaster University, the CIOL’s Diploma in Translation and he is a Chartered Linguist. He has used languages in his first career in industrial export sales and marketing – working in the plastics, metals and textiles industries - and then subsequently as director of translation company Alexika Ltd. Mark is passionate about languages and international communication, the benefits to young people of learning about new languages and new cultures, the status of linguists in a fast-changing world and the value of professional qualifications in languages. He has been a guest lecturer at Lancaster and Cardiff Universities, and has previously served as member of council and Treasurer of the Association of Translation Companies.



Member of Council

Diana is a Lecturer in Interpreting Studies and she is also working in the private market as a Conference Interpreter (Romanian A, English B and French C) and as a translator. She holds a Masters in Translation Studies and a second Masters in Conference Interpreting from London Metropolitan University.
Diana is also a Professional Police and Court Romanian Interpreter (NRPSI registered) successfully training students sitting the DPSI exam since 2010 and DipTrans from 2011.
As a researcher, Diana is interested in the impact of emotional intelligence on interpreters’ performance and its implication for end-users.
Diana is also supervising students for the research project at the MA in Conference Interpreting with a focus on how interpreters use technologies in their workflow.
Diana is a Chartered Linguist for Romanian. She joined the management committee of CIOL’s Interpreting Division in the summer of 2014.

Ms Liudmila TOMANEK


Member of Council

Liudmila is a PhD researcher at the University of Glasgow and currently is based in Stirling. Her research focuses on preserving the polyphonic aspect in translation, which covers Translation Studies, Modern Languages and Comparative Literature. She holds MA in Translation from London Metropolitan University and BA (Hons) in Modern Languages from Nottingham Trent University. She holds a Russian qualification in accountancy and a Russian degree in finance. She is a professional practicing translator. She adores Scotland and considers it to be her second home. She passionately believes in CPD and sees CIOL as irreplaceable in her professional journey.

Mr Stephen DOSWELL


President & Chair of Council

Steve Doswell is a corporate communication practitioner with extensive experience spanning energy, power engineering, robotics, financial services and higher education. He has also had experience as a translator (French/German-English) and became a CIOL member in the 1990s after completing the Final Diploma in Spanish. He was President of FEIEA, the European Association of Internal Communication 2010-2012 and CEO of the UK’s Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) 2011-2016. Steve took time out aged 50 to complete a Masters in European Politics (University of Birmingham). Steve has a deep affinity with Slovenia and is learning Slovene. A keen club runner, Steve is currently writing a book of his experience of running in all 28 EU countries during 2018-19 for charity. “I’m a Londoner but I’ve lived in Birmingham for almost 30 years and I’m really pleased to be able to support the Midlands Network. We can be both local and international in our outlook and that’s a real strength. As a member of Council since March 2021, and now as Chair, I aim to draw on my career skills and experience with professional bodies to support the work of CIOL as a whole.”

Ms Helle Gulowsen


Vice-Chair of Council

Helle is an experienced SME director and Chartered Linguist (translation) delivering services across the Norwegian and British shipping, oil & gas, technology, and hospitality sectors. She is the director and founder of Converto Translations, est. 2001, and has previously worked at senior level in the hospitality industry. She holds a Diploma in Translation from CIOL, and a degree in Hotel Management and Administration from Switzerland. Helle takes a particular interest in corporate governance and improving diversity on boards, and combines strong cross-cultural expertise with in-depth understanding of the financial control and strategic leadership required for multi-stakeholder environments. She is a strong believer in the sharing of experiences, and a keen advocate of CPD and mentoring programmes. Helle has undertaken Non-Executive Director training at the IoD, and is currently a Director of the Anglo European Co-operative Trust and Chair of the Board of Governors at the Anglo European Academy School. She is a former member of the Editorial Board of The Linguist (2015–2019), and holds full membership of CIOL, ITI, and IoD. Helle is also a Teaching Fellow at University College London (MSc in Specialised Translations), an experienced court interpreter, and an official translator and interpreter for London Metropolitan Police.



Vice-Chair of Council

Anita van Adelsbergen is a Chartered Linguist in the UK and sworn translator in the Netherlands. Alongside her career as a linguist, she has been working as an equestrian journalist and TV commentator for international broadcasters, including the Dutch national broadcaster NOS. She is a qualified equine sports massage therapist and canine and equine behaviourist. She specialises in equine, canine, and veterinary translations.
As an independent multilingual interpreter and translator, Anita is aware that it’s not always easy to make a decent living. As a seminar speaker, she likes to share knowledge with other professionals on how they can earn their keep while avoiding burn-out. As a member of CIOL Council, she is keen to contribute towards improving the status of linguists and to spread the word as to why the work they do is so important. As a former journalist, Anita can offer advice on how to broadcast that message through various channels. She is also keen to spread the word about the work CIOL does in order to attract more members from other European countries. She would also like to contribute towards training and professional development as this will become an even more important factor.

This committee promotes and monitors CIOL's policy on equality, diversity and inclusion.

Anita van Adelsbergen (Chair) 

Anji Thomas

Anna Ostrovsky 

Debbie Butler

Hugh Morgan

John Worne

Kate Trotman

Yolanda Vercher

This board oversees The Linguist journal:

Kate Trotman (Chair)

Anam Zafar

Bokani Hart

Chloe Fairfoull-Mendelsohn

Debbie Butler

Eleni Pavlopoulos

James Hughes

Jessica Oppedisano

Karl McLaughlin 

Miranda Moore

Ruqaya Al-Taie

This board oversees IoLET and CIOL Qualifications.

Hugh Morgan (Chair)

Marcela Cazzoli (Vice Chair)

Anette Schroeder-Rossell

Claudia Lindner

Ela Kwasny-Spechko

John Worne

Silvia Coliaicomo 

Steve Doswell

Yolanda Vercher

Felicitas Starr-Egger (Co-opted)

This committee oversees CIOL and IoLET's finances and resources and advises CIOL Council:  

Anita van Adelsbergen (Vice-Chair of CIOL Council) 

Helle Gulowsen (Vice Chair of CIOL Council) 

Hugh Morgan (Vice Chair of ETB) 

Jocelyn Wyburd (Chair of ETB) 

John Worne (CEO)

Mark Robinson (co-opted)

Steve Doswell (Chair of CIOL Council)

Tom Martini (co-opted)

This committee oversees membership applications and activity.

Emma Gledhill (Chair)

Mariam Aboelezz

Ann Carlisle 

Anna Ostrovsky

Christopher MacDonald 

Justin Jennings