Find-a-Linguist - Mrs Anna RIOLAND

Name: Mrs Anna RIOLAND DipTrans MCIL CL
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Native language(s): RUSSIAN
Language(s) of qualification: ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN
CIOL number: 26285
Membership number (pre-Autumn 2016): 024577
Membership grade: Member
Membership status: Current
Chartered?: Yes
Chartered Linguist section(s): CL (Translator), CL (Education)
Telephone number: +44(0)7932 165 409
Subject Area: General, Business, Translation
Levels: GCSE, A-Level, Degree, Postgraduate, Can teach children
Statement: I have been working as a translation and publishing professional since 2003. I worked for such major publishers as Wolters Kluwer, Larousse and Hodder Education, both as a project manager, editor and translator. I also worked as a freelance translator for major international companies, numerous translation agencies and international organisations (e.g. the UNO and OCDE). Having lived in Russia, France, Germany and the UK for lengthy periods of time, I am not only perfectly fluent in the languages of all four, but I also have an extensive knowledge of the culture, history and current affairs of these countries.