Membership fees

New members

Applications are considered five times a year. The membership year runs from 1 September to 31 August. If you are admitted between these dates, your membership fee for this first year will be calculated on a quarterly basis e.g if admitted as an Associate in March, the membership fee will be £57.00 and your membership will be valid until 31 August. 


Membership grade      Assessment fee*     

Membership fee** 

Membership fee**
Membership fee**
Membership fee**
Student Affiliate N/A Free Free Free Free
IoLET Affiliate N/A £25.00*** £25.00*** £25.00*** £25.00***
Career Affiliate £25.00 £85.00 £63.75 £42.50 £21.25
Associate (ACIL) £25.00 £114.00 £85.50 £57.00 £28.50
Member (MCIL) £25.00 £126.00 £94.50 £63.00 £31.50
Fellow (FCIL) £25.00 £151.00 £113.25 £75.50 £37.75


* Non-refundable, payable at point of application
** Payable once membership has been confirmed / at point of renewal
*** Payable at point of application. Rolling membership, valid for 12 months at point of application.


Renewal fees 2017-2018


Membership grade     

Membership fee (offline / cheque)   

Membership fee (online / direct debit)
Student Affiliate Free Free
IoLET Affiliate £25.00 £25.00
Career Affiliate £87.00 £85.00
Associate (ACIL) £124.00 £114.00
Member (MCIL) £136.00 £126.00
Fellow (FCIL) £163.00 £151.00



If your admission to membership is successful, CIOL will notify you by email.

Career Affiliate, Associate, Member and Fellow grades only: We will also confirm your grade of membership and the membership fee due.


Existing members can renew online.