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of Linguists

The positive impact DipTrans has had on my career

By Maria Cristina Petrizzi

Born in Brazil and a native speaker of Portuguese, from a young age, I have always been fascinated by foreign languages. English is definitely my favourite one and for over 35 years I have worked with it, first as a teacher and then as a translator and interpreter.

My career in translation started informally, but it didn’t take long until important projects started to appear and I soon realised this was a serious and profitable business, with no room for amateurism.

Aware of the importance of accreditation, I qualified as a Sworn Translator in Brazil, which has opened many doors. Nonetheless, to compete in international markets, one needs an international qualification from a reputable Institution.

I really wanted the best, so, given the high standing of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and their awarding body CIOL Qualifications, and the high regard in which the qualification is held by professionals in this field, I chose to sit for the Diploma In Translation (DipTrans). This would give me a Level 7 qualification (Master’s level), widely acknowledged as the gold standard for translators.

I took the exam in 2019, but despite over 30 years working solely as a translator and specialising in biotechnology, with millions of words translated in all those years, I confess that in the morning of the exam, it felt like I had more butterflies in my stomach than words in my head. However, once I started translating, I believe experience and practice took over, and a few months later I was delighted to find that I had been approved with Distinction in all 3 papers, and that I would be granted an Award for Best Candidate for the Diploma in Translation 2019.

In addition to being such a valuable recognition and professional validation, the DipTrans has enabled me to become a full member of CIOL and a Chartered Translator. In only a short space of time, being a Chartered Translator has already had a positive impact on my career. It shows my clients that I value their business and, more importantly, new clients have started to contact me.

The award event was an unforgettable and truly thrilling experience, and receiving the award from the hands of the CIOL’s Royal Patron HRH Prince Michael of Kent is a moment I will cherish forever!

I am so glad I did it that I have now decided to apply for the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI).

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