CIOL Awards

Our awards are for outstanding successes that deserve the highest recognition.

The CIOL Awards 2019 took place on Wednesday 20 November. The awards were given to individuals, teams, organisations, schools or language centres. The awards celebrate the importance of language and cultural understanding, the value of languages to business and industry and excellence in language learning.


CIOL Awards 2019 Gallery

Origins of the awards

The first Institute exams were held in 1910 to "test a practical knowledge of the spoken language, the ability of the candidate to read at sight and understand the language offered, whether written or spoken, and to express himself or herself both orally and in writing".

Awards are sponsored or awarded by individuals or organisations who have a particular interest in the work of CIOL and CIOL Qualifications.

To decide on the winners of the two Special Awards (Threlford Memorial Cup and David Crystal Trophy), a committee meets each September to consider the nominations. The awards can be presented to individuals or organisations.