Find-a-Linguist - Mr David BOBOSIK

City: Ilford
Country: United Kingdom
Native language(s): CZECH, SLOVAK
Language(s) of qualification: ENGLISH
CIOL number: 27202
Membership number (pre-Autumn 2016): 021078
Membership grade: Member
Membership status: Current
Telephone number: +44(0)7808555301
Conference interpreting: Simultaneous interpreting
Business interpreting: Ad-hoc/Liaison interpreting, Consecutive interpreting, Whispered (simultaneous) interpreting
Public Service Interpreting: Criminal Justice System interpreting (CJS), Local government interpreting
Business: General Business Documentation, Human Resources, Training
EU Matters: General and Political, Environment, Human Rights
Humanities: Education and Training
Insurance: Accident
Law: Criminal, Employment, Family
Pharmaceuticals: Clinical Research and Trials
Politics: Local Government
Statement: I am bilingual in Czech and Slovak and have been involved in interpreting/translation on a professional level since 1999 with extensive experience in criminal law (courts and police) and local government in the UK. I specialize in simultaneous conference interpreting for EWC Meetings, Car Launches and Events, Clinical Trial Investigator´s Meetings, EU programmes, Business/Sales Meetings and Training. I have a Professional Indemnity Insurance for £250 000.