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SEO and translation: acquire the skills you need to offer new services

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is becoming an increasingly important skill for translators, as it can open the door to new work opportunities, as well as increase their online visibility.In this 2-hour webinar, we will go over the basics of SEO to understand exactly what it is and how it works. We will look at some examples of SEO-related linguistic tasks that are in high demand in the translation industry, and we will learn how we can use free tools to deliver top quality results to our clients. The presentation will include practical examples, and it will be easy to follow and useful for linguists who have little or no SEO knowledge as well as those who already have some knowledge in this field and wish to apply it to translation work.

Participants who already have a website, or are thinking about creating one, for their own translation businesses will be able to apply the best practices and concepts presented in this webinar to their own digital marketing strategy. 

• Understand the importance of SEO for translators and localisation experts
• How to start creating an effective content strategy using SEO
• Getting to know some in-demand SEO-related linguistic services

Teresa Sousa has been working in the translation industry since 2005, taking on different roles, from project manager to freelance translator, and finally founding her own boutique translation business, TAGS Language Solutions. Specialising in marketing translation, transcreation and copywriting for the lifestyle field, she has always taken a profound interest in all-things SEO, applying best practices to her own digital marketing strategy over the years with excellent results. As we watch a rising demand of SEO-related linguist service, she decided to help other translators garner the necessary tools and techniques to provide this new type of service.

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September 17th, 2021 11:00 AM   to   1:00 PM
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