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Why Certified English?

Why be a CIOL Certified English Speaker?

The Chartered Institute of Linguists encourages the learning of all languages in support of our motto "universal understanding". However, English has become a "Lingua Franca" for business, science and academia, increasing the global demand for fluency in English speaking.

Although research shows that many adults are able to read and write effectively and tools such as Google Translate and ChatGPT may support written communication, it is the ability to communicate fluently in spoken language that is often more challenging yet is crucial for successful English professional communication. 

Why take an English speaking test with CIOL?

The Chartered Institute of Linguists is backed by a Royal Charter, granted by the late HM Queen Elizabeth II, and is the UK's international organisation for languages and linguists. Our Royal Charter supports this endeavour, by committing CIOL to the following objects: 

  • Contributing towards international goodwill by encouraging the effective study and practice of languages;
  • Providing means of recognising linguists in the professions, the arts, the sciences, industry, trade and commerce;
  • Providing means of recognising linguists worldwide.

CIOL has long and extensive experience in assessment and testing of language skills, including for the UK Government and other major employers, with a primary focus on professional speaking skills, as required, for example, for diplomatic, trade and military contexts, where the practical professional use of languages to achieve outcomes is vital.

CIOL also offers the "gold standard" qualifications for Translators worldwide and for Public Service Interpreters in the UK to the highest levels (CEFR C1 and C2) and has done for over 30 years, so CIOL Certified English speaking test candidates can have every confidence in CIOL's experience of language assessments at the highest levels - which are the hardest to test. Employers, international organisations, clients, partners and stakeholders will trust a spoken English assessment from the Chartered Institute of Linguists, and colleagues and friends will know they can rely on your English speaking skills.  

What does excellent English mean for you? 

Do you currently work for an international company, organisation, university or NGO or aspire to?

  • Do you present at conferences and events? 
  • Are you involved in managing visits or delegations with clients from all over the world?
  • Are you an academic or university lecturer?
  • Do you manage accounts with international clients?
  • Are you looking for international leadership or senior management roles?

Here are just some of the reasons to validate your English proficiency with the CIOL Certified English speaking test:

  • Having the CIOL Working English Speaker designation will prove you have a high level of English useful for various roles across many industries worldwide.
  • Demonstrating excellent English Speaking skills with a C1+ score according to CEFR and the CIOL Professional English Speaker designation will earn you instant credibility and help you advance your career in top international organisations.
  • Holding the CIOL Professional English Speaker designation also demonstrates your ability to lecture, teach, research and network internationally

​Being recognised as a CIOL Professional English Speaker or meeting the CIOL Working English Speaker standard is highly advantageous for individuals seeking to showcase their suitability for a wide range of positions within organisations worldwide.

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