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Drop-in session - Negotiating rates. Too High? Too Low? Where do we go?

The Interpreting Division Steering Group is organising a series of online “clinic” drop-in sessions for interpreters, especially for (but not limited to) those early on in their career. These are informal online meetings where attendees can ask questions on specific topics and advice from established interpreters.

You still need to book in advance as the number of attendees we can host is limited to 50 places. Please find below more information on the upcoming drop-in session and the specific topic we will be covering.


Drop-in session: Negotiating rates. Too High? Too Low? Where do we go?

Negotiating interpreting rates can present several challenges, reflecting the unique nature of our profession and various influencing factors: the value of interpretation services can be subjective, lack of standardization, the perceived market value of interpreting services, budget constraints and economic factors.

In this dynamic landscape, some rates are fixed and therefore non-negotiable such as Legal Aid, Home Office, Met Police and some LSPs providing PSI work. Negotiating rates is more common when working with direct clients or, in settings such as business and conference interpreting raising complex questions: What should one charge for? How does one strike the right balance between setting fees that reflect the interpreter's time, effort, and expertise without pricing ourselves out of the market?

Articulating the value interpreters bring to the table and gaining an understanding of the unique needs of all parties involved are the foundation of successful rate negotiations.

Our panel of experienced interpreters will draw on their experience in legal, business, and conference settings, to outline the key issues to consider when negotiating rates with work suppliers.

Please note that these sessions are not recorded.

February 27th, 2024 5:00 PM   to   6:00 PM
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