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of Linguists

What have you found most rewarding when working with languages?

We posted this question on our social media platforms and asked our following of language professionals to let us know their thoughts. We received some great responses from this post, so we collected them and put them into this blog. Please continue reading to see what your fellow linguists answered:

"Learning languages enabled me to deal with amazing people and learn different cultures. To me, it’s a means to spread love and respect amongst one another."

"It is a privilege to help people in need to communicate, and thus obtain the services they are entitled to."

"Meeting interesting people!"

"Connecting with people and connecting people"

"Living multiple multicultural lives and dreams, making a huge difference to strangers in need, and being a voice for the voiceless."

"Providing people with opportunities which would be out of reach without translation, and ultimately giving my small contribution towards universal understanding and trust."

"It has got my brain working again, and I am very fortunate to be able to connect two wonderful cultures."

"I enjoy working as a public service interpreter, especially when the assignments are complex and there is a good outcome for my client. For example, gaining access to services that they need or affordable and suitable housing."

"Actually getting paid fairly well for doing something I enjoy so much"

"Getting paid for what i am good at, inspiring people to pursue this career, and supporting students in their journeys to complete their qualifications relevant to interpretation"

"That feeling of unlocking a new culture when learning a new language and seeing my pupils progress in their language learning journey. The feeling that there will always be something new to learn and the unexpected places it’s taken me when traveling!"

"Facilitating communication, helping and meeting people, learning constantly, and getting recognised and valued after a few years' hard work."

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