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What does excelling in the DPSI feel like?

Sabine Centofanti, recipient of 2021-22 NRPSI sponsored CIOL Award for excellence in the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI) talks about her experiences and what the DPSI means to her.


Why did you choose to study for a professional interpreting qualification?

It was important to me to achieve the skills that are specific to good interpreting. Such skills can’t be developed just by speaking a foreign language. I also felt that the DPSI interpreting qualification would provide me with the right certification for the skills I would need to work in my chosen field.

How does being qualified make you feel?

It makes me feel more confident about my capabilities. I can provide an interpreting service that meets recognised professional interpreting standards.

What plans do you have for the future: where would you like to be in your interpreting career in the next five or ten years?

This is a very difficult question! I don’t really know, to be totally honest, but surely the DPSI qualification will help me to create opportunities in my professional life and find new challenges. I may even think about expanding my interpreting skills via another qualification!


For more about Sabine and her experiences read the full feature article on the NRPSI website here, and for information on taking the DPSI qualification, go to the CIOL website.


Sabine Centofanti is the recipient of 2021-22 CIOL Award for excellence in the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI). The award, which forms part of the CIOL Awards, is presented to the DPSI candidate achieving the highest marks. CIOL warmly thanks NRPSI for the generous support of this year's CIOL Awards alongside the APCI.