Chartered Institute
of Linguists

Volunteer with our divisions, societies and networks

Our divisions, societies and networks are run by members, for members, and offer a unique opportunity for language practitioners to come together to network, share ideas, offer support and guidance. Three of our groups; the Interpreting Division, the Business, Professions and Government Division and the Scottish Society are looking for volunteers to join their steering groups. You can be part of these groups in different ways including, running events, writing blogs and guides. If you think you could be a part of one of these, why don’t you consider volunteering?



The steering groups hold 3-4 online meetings a year to discuss:

  • planning and participating in forthcoming online events
  • ways to support their network or division
  • challenges that professionals are facing

Your knowledge, expertise and support would be greatly appreciated and you would be contributing to the language profession. Please follow this link.