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Victims’ Code – The right to a professional


Thanks to tireless work by Baroness Coussins (pictured above), UK Government has accepted amendments to the proposed ‘Victims’ Code’ intended to set out and protect the rights of victims of crime.

Baroness Brinton said:

My Lords, from these Benches we pay tribute to the noble Baroness, Lady Coussins, for her absolute and consistent determination that we should be reminded about the need for professionally qualified interpreters.”

Accepting Baroness Coussins' proposed amendments on behalf of Government, Lord Bellamy said:

This strengthened wording makes it clear that victims are entitled to access interpreting and translation services from qualified professionals. 'Qualified' and 'professionals' are the decisive words that the noble Baroness referred to. I hope that I have reassured her that we have heard and considered her arguments carefully and are committed to addressing their intent through the Victims’ Code.”

The full text of the debate is available on Hansard here.