Find-a-Linguist - Mrs Gwendolen CLAYTON

Name: Mrs Gwendolen CLAYTON BA (Oxon) FCIL CL
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Native language(s): ENGLISH
Language(s) of qualification: JAPANESE, GERMAN
CIOL number: 27781
Membership number (pre-Autumn 2016): 024382
Membership grade: Fellow
Membership status: Current
Telephone number: +44(0)7841 387 526
Advertising and Marketing: Brochures, Flyers, Leaflets & Printed Material, Cinema, Guide Books, Handbooks & Newsletters, Newspaper, Websites
Agriculture and Horticulture: Horticulture, Wine Production
Art: Crafts, Performing Arts, Photography, Theatre, Visual Arts
Business: Annual Reports, Contracts, General Business Documentation
Environment: Biodiversity, Conservation and Protection
EU Matters: General and Political, Energy, Environment, Law and Justice, Human Rights, Trade and Competition
Food and Drink: Drink, Food
Humanities: History
Information Technology: Websites
Insurance: Accident, Aviation, Domestic, Life and Pension, Marine, Property, Reinsurance
Law: Civil, Commercial, Company, Contracts, Criminal, Data Protection, Employment, Health and Safety, International, Family, Probate, Property
Leisure and Sport: Hotels and Accommodation, Restaurants, Tourism, Travel
Literature: Biography, Children's Literature, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Plays
Music: Classical, Opera
Politics: Human Rights
Other Skills: Editing, Proofreading
Statement: A city-trained commercial lawyer with 10+ years' experience in Tokyo, London and Zurich in commercial law, I now translate legal documents from Japanese and German into English. I studied Japanese at Oxford (1996, 2:1) and with a German mother I have been bilingual since childhood. I have been working as a freelance translator since 2008 but translation and interpreting, as well as the analysis and use of materials in these languages, has formed part of my work as a lawyer since 2000. I work with agencies and private clients on legal and academic texts and I have translated books and published articles. I have been teaching on the DPSI (Law) preparation course at London Metropolitan University since 2018.