Find-a-Linguist - Ms Dionisia MOUSTRI

Name: Ms Dionisia MOUSTRI DipTrans MCIL
City: Athens
Country: Greece
Native language(s): GREEK
Language(s) of qualification: ENGLISH
CIOL number: 27208
Membership number (pre-Autumn 2016): 017152
Membership grade: Member
Membership status: Current
Telephone number: +30 210 7 211 717
Information Technology: Hardware, Localisation, Software
Law: Contracts
Literature: Children's Literature, Fiction, Non-Fiction
Medicine: Oncology, Radiology
Pharmaceuticals: Clinical Research and Trials
Other Skills: Proofreading
Statement: English into Greek translation and proofreading services with more than 15 years of experience. Specialise in the fields of IT, technology and healthcare.
Find-a-Linguist directory listing(s): Translation: ENGLISH to GREEK