Find-a-Linguist - Mrs Anne MACLENNAN

City: Cuguen
Country: France
Native language(s): ENGLISH
Language(s) of qualification: FRENCH, GERMAN
CIOL number: 26865
Membership number (pre-Autumn 2016): 011328
Membership grade: Member
Membership status: Current
Telephone number: +33 (0)2 99 73 12 81
Advertising and Marketing: Brochures, Flyers, Leaflets & Printed Material, Guide Books, Handbooks & Newsletters, Websites
Business: Contracts, Marketing, Public Relations
Education: Educational Management, Pedagogy
EU Matters: General and Political, Law and Justice
Law: Civil, Contracts, Criminal
Leisure and Sport: Hotels and Accommodation, Tourism, Travel
Military: Defence
Other Skills: Editing, Proofreading
Statement: I am an experienced translator, a member of the Société Française des Traducteurs, with career and academic experience in law, defence and education. I translate from French, German and Spanish into English. Having trained as a translator in 1976, I worked in the City of London. I then spent 7 years as a Royal Air Force office. My next move took me into education; from 1987 to 2009 I gained wide and varied experience in teaching French, German and Spanish in secondary schools. My specialist translation fields: Legal: general and specialised fields; General sciences and geosciences; Education; Tourism; Politics
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