Chartered Institute
of Linguists

Taking Certified English

How does it work? 

The CIOL Certified English speaking test is taken online from the comfort of your home or any suitable location using a tablet, computer/laptop with a camera or a smartphone with good WiFi connection.

You will need photographic ID such as passport, identity card or driving licence.

The test is available Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 6:00pm UK time. Check time in London (external link). The test can be taken exceptionally outside these hours, subject agreement and an additional fee. To register, simply contact us through the 'Contact us' form to agree a suitable date and time to take your test.

What does it cost?

The CIOL Certified English speaking test is available for £105, provided the test is taken within the normal time slots. You can estimate the equivalent cost in your local currency by using the following third party estimate (link to external exchange rate site). 

What will I receive? 

All candidates will receive a score based on the CEFR levels for spoken English and CIOL's standards.

  • If you show a high level of competence in spoken English equivalent to B2 according to CEFR, you will receive a CIOL Working English Speaker designation and certificate.
  • If you demonstrate excellence and reach the Professional English Speaker level (C1+ according to CEFR) you will earn the "gold standard" CIOL Professional English Speaker designation and certificate. 
  • If you demonstrate a B1 level according to CEFR you will receive a Limited Working English Speaker grade and skills score.

If you want to retake the CIOL Certified English speaking test after some additional practice and use of your spoken English, you can retake the test up to four times per calendar year.  

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