Chartered Institute
of Linguists

Study Affiliate membership – FAQs

What are the benefits?

You will receive access to a range of benefits and services associated with being a CIOL member including:

  • Access to CIOL's webinar library - over 150 hours of CPD for language professionals
  • Access to CIOL's mentoring scheme
  • Access to the digital copy of The Linguist, CIOL's professional journal (produced four times a year)
  • Access to CIOL’s Advantage scheme

Please Note: Access to past exam papers for Study Affiliate members is no longer available. These can now be ordered directly by contacting CIOL Qualifications.

How do I access my benefits?

In order to complete the Study Affiliate submission form you will be asked to create a website account; this becomes your website login. Once your Study Affiliate submission has been processed, you will receive notification of your CIOL membership number via email. You will then be able to access exam preparation resources by using your website login. Our monthly Members' enews will be sent automatically to your inbox and will include a link to The Linguist online, along with details of CIOL national and local events and CPD training and exam workshops.  

What happens to my membership after the exam results are issued?

As an Study Affiliate you will be part of a respected professional network of practising linguists.

On completion of your qualification you can apply to be automatically upgraded to Associate (ACIL) level of CIOL membership with a 25% discount on the first year's membership fee. Those who meet the criteria for full Member will be eligible to upgrade and will be on the pathway towards Chartership, and will be eligible for an entry on CIOL's directory, Find-a-Linguist.

How long will my membership last?

The term of membership is 12 months from the date you became an Study Affiliate.

I think I may be eligible to join CIOL in another grade of membership. What do I need to do?

First of all read the membership Admissions Criteria to determine which grade of membership best suits your circumstances. Membership eligibility is normally based on the qualifications you hold and your work experience.

If you believe you meet the entry criteria to join in another grade of membership then you can apply by completing the application form and submitting this with the evidence to support your application and an assessment fee of £25.00.

If you are seeking admission to CIOL either as a Career Affiliate or in a professional grade of membership within two months of the exam entry closing date, please contact the membership team for further guidance.

Can I take a CIOL Qualifications exam without being a CIOL member?

Since January 2022, it has no longer been necessary to be a member of CIOL to take a CIOLQ exam.

What are the terms and conditions?

  • Study Affiliate membership is for a period of 12 months from the date the application is processed.
  • The membership fee is non-refundable 30 days after payment.
  • Study Affiliate members agree to abide by the CIOL code of professional conduct.
  • Study Affiliates understand that on successful completion of their CIOL qualification, they can apply to be automatically upgraded to Associate (ACIL) level of membership with a 25% discount on the first year's membership fee. Those who meet the criteria for full Member (MCIL) will be eligible to upgrade.
  • CIOL reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions and to add, delete or modify benefits without further notice. Whilst every effort will be made to bring you the full range of benefits associated with this grade of membership CIOL and CIOL Qualifications will not be held responsible for any benefits that are not available. 

Why do I have to agree to comply with the CIOL code of professional conduct?

All CIOL members, irrespective of grade, are asked to adhere to the CIOL code of professional conduct. CIOL members form the largest network of practising and aspiring linguists and together we have a duty to uphold and maintain standards, in order to raise the status of language professionals worldwide.