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Speaking like a polyglot

An online event followed by a workshop with the CIOL Education Society.


According to widely available research, only 3% of the global population is considered multilingual, with true polyglots even fewer in number.

Engaging in dialogue for personal and professional purposes, not only provides travel opportunities but ensures active participation in the world economy. The ability to consume knowledge and media, in addition to engaging in international relations enriches linguistic capital.

Many of us consider ourselves multilingual, however lack speaking confidence to communicate on a professional level. This event aims to incorporate pedagogical research, specifically Allan Paivio’s dual coding, to discuss abstract concepts and vocabulary, by comparing the similarities between French, Spanish and Greek, the first two languages featuring prominently on the Power Language Index. A 40 minute immersive workshop using personalised images and lexical links, to support cultural knowledge, language recall and fluency, will follow the main talk.


Être polyglotte est plus facile que vous ne le pensez. Les études pédagogiques montrent que la combinaison des concepts abstraits avec du vocabulaire peut conduire à une acquisition plus rapide d'une nouvelle langue étrangère. En profitant de nos connaissances d'autres langues, être polyglotte n'est plus une réalité lointaine!

Ser políglota es más fácil de lo que piensas. Los estudios pedagógicos muestran que la combinación de conceptos abstractos con vocabulario puede conducir a una adquisición más rápida de una nueva lengua extranjera. Aprovechando de nuestro conocimiento de otros idiomas, ¡ser políglotas ya no es una realidad lejana!

                                                                                              Elizabeth Beevers – CIOL Education Society


3 key takeaways:

• Use pedagogical research within a CLIL setting, to access abstract concepts and vocabulary for complex discussions.

• Personalising images supports the recall of gender/noun/adjective, enhancing self-regulated learning (SRL).

• Understand and apply lexical links to retain fluency in similar sounding languages and remain multilingual.



7pm - 8pm Main talk

8pm – 8:15pm Break

8:15pm – 9pm Workshop



Maria-Elena Metaxas

Elizabeth Beevers

Tia Smith

Georgina Metaxas



March 29th, 2022 7:00 PM   to   9:00 PM
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