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Café Lingo: absolute beginners

Event report

In this fast-paced and highly interactive event, participants were introduced to the sounds and structure of two very different and equally fascinating languages: Irish and Mandarin. We learned a little about what makes each language interesting (and challenging!) and we spent half an hour in a breakout room for each language with our expert teachers, Astrid and Phyllis. By the end of the session, we could introduce ourselves and recognise the different tones in Mandarin, and even hold a short conversation in Irish.

To close, we shared our experiences and reflected on what stood out to us most in each language. This double language crash course was a tough workout for our brains, but a wonderfully sociable way to get to know two languages we had never learned before, and through them, the sounds and cultures of Ireland and China.

The Midlands Network Café Lingo events are always popular and fun, and we’re delighted to have received some very positive feedback on the first Absolute Beginners edition of the event. We’re sure to run more events in both formats in the future.

CaféLingo: Absolute Beginners

With a fresh 2021 twist on our very popular CaféLingo events, CIOL Midlands Network brings you an opportunity to try out some less familiar languages for the first time. Instead of refreshing your French, expanding your Spanish or reiterating your Italian, this time you can be fascinated by Finnish, improvise in Irish and master some Mandarin. Hear the language, learn some greetings, have some fun. No performance pressure whatsoever - everyone will be an Absolute Beginner.

Please email to book your place. You will be sent the Zoom link for the event..

May 23rd, 2021 5:00 PM   to   6:30 PM
Online event (Zoom)
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