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Drop-in session - Are interpreters using technology as much as we should?

The Interpreting Division Steering Group is organising a series of online “clinic” drop-in sessions for interpreters, especially for (but not limited to) those early on in their career. These are informal online meetings where attendees can ask our experienced panel members questions and ask for advice on a specific topic.

You still need to book in advance as the number of attendees we can host is limited to 100 places. Please find below more information on the upcoming drop-in session and the specific topic we will be covering.

Drop-in session: Are interpreters using technology as much as we should?

As interpreters, we need to use technology to save time and to do our job better. But are we using it enough? What are the main problems we face when we try to use technology more in our work every day? During this session, we will delve into a range of crucial topics:

· Constantly using various remote interpreting platforms and the challenges related to familiarity with and training for a variety of platforms.

· Effective management of two platforms for participant communication e.g. a remote interpreting platform and WhatsApp.

· Benefits and pitfalls of researching terminology on the spot (during the interpreting session).

· Building electronic glossaries and / or using terminology management tools to manage glossaries.

· Online etiquette - eye contact. How to manage this efficiently considering the need for note taking and looking up terminology on the spot.

· Compatibility of CAI tools with specific work settings such as legal proceedings.

· Establishing mutual responsibilities among participants, including ensuring internet connection quality and access to tech support.

And last but not least, can agencies do more to take some of the pain out of tech by providing us with training and support for jobs involving technology? This would benefit both us and their clients.

Our panel of experienced interpreters will draw on their experience within this field.

Please note that these sessions are not recorded.

June 10th, 2024 5:00 PM   to   6:00 PM
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