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CIOL Awards 2023 – Celebrating Outstanding Achievement in Languages

Threlford Cup winners with HRH Prince Michael of Kent

CIOL’s Annual Awards celebrate and recognise outstanding contributions in the field of languages, as well as exceptional achievement in our professional language qualifications. Held this year as part of CIOL’s Translators Day, the awards were presented by CIOL’s Royal Patron HRH Prince Michael of Kent. 

The multilingual sports correspondent Chris Dennis received the David Crystal Award, presented to an individual for whom languages have been part of their work and life and who uses their knowledge to inspire others to learn languages. Chris is a regular presenter on TV and radio reporting on sporting events. He broadcasts in French, and speaks Spanish and Mandarin among other languages. He frequently visits schools where he encourages young sports enthusiasts to consider adding a language to their GCSE and A-level choices.

    “I am both thrilled and humbled to receive the David Crystal Award - especially given the calibre of previous recipients. Languages have been an important part of my life for over 40 years. I could not imagine life without them. The key to good journalism is compelling storytelling. Being able to have people tell their story in their own language rather than English is both professionally beneficial and personally satisfying.”  Chris Dennis 

The Threlford Cup, named after CIOL’s founder and presented for encouraging the study of languages, is shared between two winners this year – the Stephen Spender Trust and Lingo Flamingo, between them representing language learning in schools as well as later in life. Director Charlotte Ryland was there to receive the award on behalf of the Stephen Spender Trust, and Robbie Norval (Director) and Linda Basler for Lingo Flamingo. 

    “I was thrilled to accept this award on behalf of the Stephen Spender Trust. It is particularly special to be honoured by the Chartered Institute of Linguists, whose members represent what we want all young people in the UK to know - that embracing your language skills will enrich your life and open doors to new opportunities and experiences.” – Charlotte Ryland, Director Stephen Spender Trust 

    “It was a great honour to be co-awarded the Threlford cup alongside the Stephen Spender Trust. We feel the joint award celebrates the depth of language learning across the UK highlighting that it is never too early or indeed too late to learn a foreign language. The award means a lot to Lingo Flamingo and hopefully will help convey the message that it is never too late to learn something new.” – Robbie Norval, Director Lingo Flamingo

Candidates in CIOL’s professional language qualifications – the Certificate in Translation (CertTrans), the Diploma in Translation (DipTrans), and the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI) – received their awards for achieving the highest marks in all our exam sessions in 2022. Ozge Solak picked up the award for Best Candidate in the DPSI, Mariane Lambert for DipTrans, and Kirsty Low for the CertTrans. 

Award Winners 2023 

  • Chris Dennis: David Crystal Trophy for outstanding contribution to the field of languages
  • ​Stephen Spender Trust/Lingo Flamingo: Joint winners of the Threlford Cup for significant contribution to fostering the study of languages 
  • Ozge Solak: Best Candidate, Diploma in Public Service Interpreting
  • Mariane Lambert: Best Candidate, Diploma in Translation
  • Kirsty Low: Best Candidate, Certificate in Translation