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CertTrans Expressions of Interest

How can we help?

Based on the profile of recent candidates, we are currently offering the following language combinations: 

Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish both into English and out of English, Russian into English and now based on recent confirmed demand, English into Portuguese, English into Romanian and English into Greek.

We can offer any language combination in future, if numbers are sufficient. 

We know that many candidates want to take some time for self study or to complete a course before taking the CertTrans. Based on this we have created this online form to enable you to: 

  • Say from which date onwards you would ideally want to take the CertTrans
  • Say what language combination you would want the CertTrans in
  • Sign up to be kept in touch with when we can offer your CertTrans combination     
  • Sign up to be kept informed via our monthly eNewsletter for languages and linguists 
CertTrans Expressions of Interest form