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of Linguists

Celebrating National Mentoring Day


27 October was National Mentoring Day in the UK – so what better time to look at the benefits of a mentoring programme, wherever you are in the world!

National Mentoring Day was founded in 2014 to celebrate, connect, inform and support mentors, mentees and mentoring initiatives, to encourage more people to achieve their full potential through mentoring. In 2016 the Day was inaugurated as an ‘official’ UK National Day in the UK Houses of Parliament.

About CIOL Mentoring

CIOL Mentoring is a service that helps linguists grow professionally and personally by connecting them with other linguists as mentors. Mentors can provide guidance, feedback and perspectives to help mentees achieve their goals and overcome challenges. Mentoring also benefits mentors, enabling them to share their skills and develop their own confidence and emotional intelligence, as well as learning from the perspectives and experiences of their mentee.

CIOL Affiliates and Members can join the Mentoring Platform on the CIOL website and find a mentor or mentee. CIOL works with Perform Learn Develop, a UK-based mentoring consultancy, to ensure high quality support to mentoring relationships for all participants.

Learning from each other

Through mentoring, a mentor can learn a lot about themselves – their own strengths and areas for development; and they will learn from the mentee – reverse mentorship. 

There is real benefit to everyone in having a mentor, regardless of how experienced you are. As linguists there is always more to learn, and a different linguistic, life or cultural perspective to consider. 

So, in celebration of National Mentoring Day, why not consider whether you may be able to learn from or support others, and sign up to CIOL Mentoring to support your own development and that of other linguists!

CIOL Mentoring is a key benefit of membership. Find out more about CIOL Mentoring on the mentoring page on our website, which offers a link to sign up to the mentoring platform, once you are logged in as a CIOL member.