Chartered Institute
of Linguists

Specimen contract / job agreement

CIOL's Interpreting Division, in consultation with CIOL's legal advisors, has drafted a specimen contract / job agreement for CIOL interpreter members to use in conjunction with the model terms of business.

The document covers the type(s) of interpreting service you will be supplying and in which language pair, plus other key details such as when the interpreting engagement will take place and the agreed fee.

In addition to issuing a contract or job agreement, it is important to specify terms of business (terms and conditions) to ensure there are no uncertainties or misunderstandings between you and your client. The model terms of business can easily be tailored to meet your own individual business needs.

It is also good practice to supply your client with a copy of (or link to) CIOL's Code of Professional Conduct. The code should always be made available should your client request it.

CIOL also strongly recommends that members seek protection against litigation. On behalf of its members, for UK basaed members, CIOL has negotiated favourable terms for professional indemnity insurance through Trafalgar Risk Management.

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