Chartered Institute
of Linguists

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Modern Languages

Due to the dissolution of Parliament ahead of the General Election, all work of the APPG on Modern Languages is ceased. The APPG is expected to be re-constituted in the new Parliament.

Welcome to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Modern Languages


The APPG’s purpose is:


  • To explore the benefits of learning and using languages throughout the UK;


  • To provide a parliamentary forum for information exchange and consultation on languages and linguists;


  • To encourage and support policies and action improving the take-up of languages in schools, further and higher education, in the workplace and in the community.


The Chair of the APPG on Modern Languages is Dame Nia Griffith MP (Labour), the Co-Chair is Baroness Coussins (Crossbench) and the Vice Chairs are Tonia Antoniazzi MP (Labour) and Lord Sherbourne of Didsbury (Conservative).                                                                               

This is not an official website of Parliament. It has not been approved by either House. APPGs are informal groups of Parliamentarians with a common interest in particular issues. The views expressed are those of the group. The Chartered Institute of Linguists acts as the group's Secretariat, with the financial support of the British Academy and the British Council. Find out more at the APPG’s entry on the Register Of All-Party Parliamentary Groups.


To contact the Secretariat of the APPG, please email: