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A Language I love is… Romansh

A podcast with Emma Gledhill

For this podcast in the series ‘A Language I love is…’, we travel high into the Alps, to join linguist and translator Emma Gledhill in the Graubünden/Grisons canton of Switzerland.

Emma's chosen language is Romansh, the distinct Romance language of the region that, despite its endangered and disunited state, nonetheless holds the status of one of Switzerland's four official languages.

Emma leads us through the origins, history and social standing of Romansh, as well as some delightful bits of vocabulary.

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A Language I love is Romansh
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Emma Gledhill is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) and a member of CIOL Council. She has been translating from German, Dutch and French to English since 1993, with extensive experience both as a freelancer and in-house as part of a corporate Language Services department. Emma moved from the UK to Switzerland in 2000 and holds dual British and Swiss nationality.