Find-a-Linguist - Ms Coralie PEARSON

Name: Ms Coralie PEARSON BA MCIL
City: Guadalajara
Country: Spain
Native language(s): ENGLISH
Language(s) of qualification: SPANISH
CIOL number: 26983
Membership number (pre-Autumn 2016): 013370
Membership grade: Member
Membership status: Current
Telephone number: +34 949 852 687
Banking and Finance: Banking, Finance
Business: Annual Reports, Contracts, General Business Documentation
Environment: Waste Management
EU Matters: General and Political, Agriculture and Fisheries, Environment
Law: Company, Contracts, Employment
Medicine: Alternative Therapies
Military: Defence, Security
Statement: 30+ years' experience (staff and freelance) with government bodies and in the business world. Resident in Spain since 1977. English is my mother tongue. Spanish is my language of habitual use. I am qualified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (exam 1996: 'traductora-intérprete jurada') to provide certified ES<>EN translations of documents for legal purposes, and to act as Court Interpreter. I am also a qualified member (MITI) of the Institute of Translation and Interpretation for translation from English into Spanish (assessment 1998) and from Spanish into English (exam 2001).
Find-a-Linguist directory listing(s): Translation: SPANISH to ENGLISH | Interpreting: ENGLISH to SPANISH