Member check


This search facility has been designed for users (e.g. agencies, direct clients, organisations) of CIOL members to verify the credentials of any individual member, including Chartered Linguists.

The system only shows members whose membership is "Current", i.e. fully paid-up and with no ongoing disciplinary action. It does not show lapsed or resigned members. 
• Members with multiple entries have memberships at different grades for different languages. 
• Honorary Members (HonMCIL) and Honorary Fellows (HonFCIL) are not listed.
• It is not necessary to complete more than one field.
"CIOL number" is the new, combined membership/Chartered Linguist number, which came into force on 1 September 2016. All members have a CIOL number. Old-style numbers are not searchable but are shown on members' records if they had one.
• If you cannot find who you are looking for and wish to double-check, please call us on +44 (0) 20 7940 3100 (ext. 2) or email the membership team.


Please ensure you spell the member’s name correctly.

You don’t need to add diacritics to search accurately (e.g. entering “Muller” will find “Müller”).

A member’s CIOL number is five digits long.

All members have a CIOL number.

Name Designatory letters CIOL number Chartered?(desc) Membership grade Profile link
Mrs Barbara WILLIAMS 56476 Student Affiliate View
Miss Olivia ORHUE-EVIAN 56478 Student Affiliate View
Mr Hongxu Zhou 56474 IoLET Affiliate View
Miss Roxana Madalina Prunica 56479 IoLET Affiliate View
Ms Diana Prisacariu 55913 IoLET Affiliate View
Ms Penelope Walsh 56480 IoLET Affiliate View
Mr Jiajie Zuo


56290 Associate View
Mr Robert McMurray

MA DipTrans MCIL

53784 Member View
Dr Flora Derounian 56482 IoLET Affiliate View
Mr Josep M. JOVELLS 56483 IoLET Affiliate View
Miss HANG THI MINH NGUYEN 54014 IoLET Affiliate View
Mr Sayf Camran SHAMIM


45460 Associate View
Mr Emad Moradi 56226 Career Affiliate View
Ms Sara ALKABALAN 56485 IoLET Affiliate View
Mr Stephen Bellas 56486 IoLET Affiliate View
Ms Congni Li


54147 Member View
Mrs Victoria Davies 56487 IoLET Affiliate View
Miss Ayka Karim 56502 IoLET Affiliate View
Miss Julia Sloan


55865 Member View
Miss Julia Sloan


55865 Associate View
Mrs Bela Vasileva


55543 Member View
Mrs Rachel Ferguson


56363 Member View
Ms Sue Lin


56368 Member View
Miss Meng Xia 53315 IoLET Affiliate View
Mrs Nadejda Nadler 56550 IoLET Affiliate View