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This search facility has been designed for users (e.g. agencies, direct clients, organisations) of CIOL members to verify the credentials of any individual member, including Chartered Linguists.

The system only shows members whose membership is "Current", i.e. fully paid-up and with no ongoing disciplinary action. It does not show lapsed or resigned members. 
• Members with multiple entries have memberships at different grades for different languages. 
• Honorary Members (HonMCIL) and Honorary Fellows (HonFCIL) are not listed.
• It is not necessary to complete more than one field.
"CIOL number" is the new, combined membership/Chartered Linguist number, which came into force on 1 September 2016. All members have a CIOL number. Old-style numbers are not searchable but are shown on members' records if they had one.
• If you cannot find who you are looking for and wish to double-check, please call us on +44 (0) 20 7940 3100 (ext. 2) or email the membership team.


Please ensure you spell the member’s name correctly.

You don’t need to add diacritics to search accurately (e.g. entering “Muller” will find “Müller”).

A member’s CIOL number is five digits long.

All members have a CIOL number.

Name Designatory letters CIOL number Chartered? Membership grade Profile link
Mr Fayez Kanawaty 56058 Student Affiliate View
Ms Siyuan Huang


56062 Associate View
Miss Rebecca Evans


56064 Member View
Mrs Joanne Haslett 56065 Student Affiliate View
Mr Ryan Shevlane

BA (Hons) DipTrans MCIL

56067 Member View
Mrs Britta NORRIS 56068 Student Affiliate View
Mrs Zena Gunther 56069 IoLET Affiliate View
Ms Martyna ROMANKIEWICZ 56070 Student Affiliate View
Ms Ada Perello 56080 IoLET Affiliate View
Miss Raisa Carazo 56081 IoLET Affiliate View
Miss Joy BROOKS-GILZEANE 56082 Student Affiliate View
Miss LU XU 56086 Student Affiliate View
Miss Qing Kuang 56089 Student Affiliate View
Mr Felipe Luis Poleo Moronta 56091 IoLET Affiliate View
Mrs Cristina ANASON LEWIS 56092 IoLET Affiliate View
Ms Makiko SUZUKI 56095 IoLET Affiliate View
Mrs Athina Syrmou


56099 Member View
Mr Will Mowat


56100 Member View
Miss Lauren Crisp 56101 IoLET Affiliate View
Ms Ivanka Zubic

LLB Law(Hons) PgDip MCIL CL

56103 Chartered Member View
Mr Francisco Domínguez Montero 56104 IoLET Affiliate View
Mrs Rachel Holland 56105 Student Affiliate View
Mrs Taisiya Zyryanova-Fisher 56111 Career Affiliate View
Miss Xinyi Liao 56112 Student Affiliate View
Mr YuYang WANG 56115 IoLET Affiliate View
Mrs Eva Popescu


56116 Chartered Member View
Mr Andrew Dean 56119 Student Affiliate View
Mr Ratheepan Mahadevan 56121 IoLET Affiliate View
Mr Leon Victor Richard 56122 IoLET Affiliate View
Mrs Dorota Francis 56123 IoLET Affiliate View
Miss Charmaine DSouza 56124 Student Affiliate View
Mrs Catriona Ward 56127 Student Affiliate View
Mrs Tania Boland 56130 IoLET Affiliate View
Miss Joanna Darul


56133 Member View
Miss Ebunoluwa Jesudunsin Adebanjo 56135 Student Affiliate View
Ms KIM FUELLENBACH 56138 Student Affiliate View
Mrs Inna Osborne 56139 IoLET Affiliate View
Mrs Miriam DEMBO 56140 IoLET Affiliate View
Dr Laura Da Silva Carreto 56142 IoLET Affiliate View
Ms Virginie Picquet-Bernaz 56143 IoLET Affiliate View
Mr Jarosław Sawiuk 56148 IoLET Affiliate View
Miss Sabine Saveja 56150 IoLET Affiliate View
Ms Wai Hin Lee 56151 IoLET Affiliate View
Mrs Helga Barnard 56155 Student Affiliate View
Miss Lucie Langevin


56157 Member View
Miss Lucie Langevin


56157 Career Affiliate View
Miss Camille BOURGUIGNEAU 56158 IoLET Affiliate View
Miss Marta Przydanek 56159 IoLET Affiliate View
Miss ZOILA PEDRENO ILLAN 56161 IoLET Affiliate View
Miss Stephie Brook 56162 IoLET Affiliate View
Miss Ying Hung Liu 56165 Student Affiliate View
Ms Juliette Rutherford


56166 Member View
Miss Shirley Jianghan CAO 56167 IoLET Affiliate View
Mr Roberto Ebani


56169 Chartered Member View
Miss Christina Stinn 56170 IoLET Affiliate View
Mr Leonardo de Brito Jeronymo


56173 Chartered Member View
Mrs Daria Narog 56175 IoLET Affiliate View
Mrs Faye Williams


56177 Career Affiliate View
Mrs Sanae ZIYANI 56179 IoLET Affiliate View
Rev Ezekiel CHESTER 56181 Student Affiliate View
Mr Mohammad Moein Daqiq 56183 IoLET Affiliate View
Mrs Rositsa LAFCHIEVA 56184 IoLET Affiliate View
Mr Walid GHAZI 56191 Student Affiliate View
Ms Brana Vladisavljevic 56193 Career Affiliate View
Mr Rida Kariem


56197 Member View
Ms Louisa MCDONNELL 56198 IoLET Affiliate View
Miss chloe ARCHER 56200 Student Affiliate View
Mr Carlos Osvaldo ROCHA OCHOA 56203 Student Affiliate View
Miss Katherine Nussey

BA (Hons) ACIL

56211 Associate View
Miss Miren Lopategui


56216 Member View
Mrs Claudette Sherlock


56219 Member View
Ms Maria Elena BONINI


56221 Member View
Ms Maria Elena BONINI


56221 Associate View
Mrs Astrid Treherne 56223 IoLET Affiliate View
Ms JINGWEN Sun 56224 IoLET Affiliate View
Mr Fei Gao 56225 IoLET Affiliate View
Mr Emad Moradi 56226 Career Affiliate View
Mrs Rosemary Reid


56227 Member View
Ms Ana UNTILA 56229 IoLET Affiliate View
Mrs Iman EL NAHRAWI 56230 IoLET Affiliate View
Mr Eric Renaud 56234 IoLET Affiliate View
Ms Maria Jaszczurowska


56236 Chartered Member View
Miss Paulina Chyl 56238 IoLET Affiliate View
Mr Aleksandar Blagojevic 56243 IoLET Affiliate View
Miss Stephanie Rogl 56246 IoLET Affiliate View
Miss Lou HAKIM BORG 56248 Student Affiliate View
Mr Alejandro Vilas 56250 IoLET Affiliate View
Miss Liliya Tsvetanova


56256 Chartered Member View
Miss Lara DAVIES-JONES 56257 Student Affiliate View
Mrs Yolanda NAPOLI 56259 Student Affiliate View
Ms Mervat Chahine 56261 IoLET Affiliate View
Miss Hui-Ling Chen 56263 Student Affiliate View
Mrs Zibute Vaiciulyte Uzkurniene 56264 IoLET Affiliate View
Mr Mehmet Ali OZGUNDUZ 56267 Student Affiliate View
Mr Thibault Poujol 56269 IoLET Affiliate View
Mrs Michelle Goode-Smith 56270 Student Affiliate View
Mrs Maria Alejandra GOMEZ GOLDING 56271 IoLET Affiliate View
Ms Fernanda Janeiro 56274 Student Affiliate View
Miss Rosemary GODWIN 56283 IoLET Affiliate View
Mr Luca DEL PANTA 56285 IoLET Affiliate View