Chartered Institute
of Linguists

DPI withdrawal - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why is CIOLQ withdrawing this qualification?

We believe that our partner qualification the CIOL Qualifications Level 6 Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI) meets and exceeds the focus and content offered by the DPI. It is much more representative of current sector requirements.

2. I am a holder of the full DPI. Are my qualification and certificate still valid?

Yes, once you have successfully passed all units of the DPI you hold the qualification. The qualification is valid and does not expire. 

3. What is the last date that new candidates can enter for an exam?

The Operational End Date (OED) is 01 August 2022. New candidates cannot register for this qualification from this date. Existing candidates who have passed part of the qualification and wish to finish the full qualification or undertake resits, have until June 2025 to complete. Please refer to our withdrawal Key Dates documents.

4. What is the last date that I can get a certificate?

The Certification End Date (CED) which is the last date on which certificates can be issued by CIOL Qualifications (CIOLQ) to candidates is 27 June 2025. All candidates’ exams must be successfully completed at the last exam session in June 2024 and before the CED or it will not be possible to certificate you. There will be no exceptions.

5. What if I want to start the DPI qualification later on this year?

This will not be possible, the last date for registration of new learners is the 01 August 2022.

6. How will I know what dates I need to follow if I want to appeal?

We have published a set of withdrawal Key Dates which clearly detail the last dates for:

  • Registration of new and existing candidates
  • Enquiries about results and appeals
  • Independent reviews
  • Last results
  • Last certification claims
  • Resits

7. What do candidates need to consider as the CED approaches?

Candidates should complete all exams at the last available exam session in June 2024. There will be no further activity after the 27 June 2025, for this qualification. There will be no exceptions.

8. What is the last date for candidates to apply for reasonable adjustments?

Reasonable Adjustment applications may be made with respect to any candidate in line with the withdrawal Key Dates.

9. What is the last date for candidates to make a request for special consideration?

Special Consideration applications may be made with respect to any candidate in line with the withdrawal Key Dates.

10. When will candidates receive results for exams taken before the CED?

We will aim to process results and issue certificates as soon as possible after an exam period but within the dates set in our withdrawal Key Dates.

11. Will candidates be able to resit as many times as they want up until the CED?

No, resits will be schedule in restricted windows to allow sufficient time for results processing and certification before the CED. This is outlined in our withdrawal Key Dates.

12. What happens if a candidate takes an exam before the CED and finds out they have failed after the CED?

Candidates will not be allowed to appeal or resit once the CED has passed. We have allowed a long withdrawal of 3 years to enable those candidates already in the system to complete.

13. Will candidates be able to transfer units of the DPI that they have passed to go towards the DPSI?

Depending on the units achieved exemptions and transition arrangements may be considered for the DPSI English Law pathway. It will not be appropriate for all candidates and will be considered on a case by case basis depending on individual candidates’ achievements. For further information on this please email 

14. Who do I contact for more information?

Contact our Client Services Team by email to