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25 Year Anniversary of CIOL's Lincolnshire Society & Networking Lunch

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Chartered Institute of Linguists’ Lincolnshire Society 

25 Year Celebration held on 22 April 2023

With a mixture of new and familiar faces around the table, members of the Lincolnshire Society met at the Wig & Mitre in Lincoln on 22 April 2023 to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the establishment of the present Society. A letter from CIOL’s CEO, John Worne, and Rob Beswick, Head of Membership, was read out and the group reminisced about past events.

Over the years almost every CEO has attended a Lincolnshire Society event, as well as a President and Vice-Presidents of CIOL, Chairs of Council and numerous members of the senior management team. Sincere thanks were expressed by Candia Hillier, the Chairman, to CIOL for all the interest, support and grants in the past, as well as for the day-to-day work carried out by CIOL staff to help the Lincolnshire Society.

Committee members over the past twenty-five years, especially the long-standing ones, were thanked for their support. Thanks were also given to the speakers who had provided us with such interesting and varied talks over the two and a half decades, allowing Lincolnshire Society members to learn a great deal, at the same time as enjoying the opportunity to meet other linguists, to network and to discuss topics that were important to them. Many valued friendships have been forged over the years through the Society, between members and also with speakers.

After a delicious lunch, a discussion on ‘ChatGPT poses risk’ (TL Vol/62 No/1) and its associated articles was followed by further general discussion and networking. 

The Chairman closed the meeting by thanking those present for their support and saying that, without them, there would be no Lincolnshire Society. We wish CIOL and the Lincolnshire Society a happy and successful future.

Candia Hillier DipTrans MCIL
Chairman of the  Lincolnshire Society

Image 1 Left to right: Treasurer, Secretary, Chairman and Committee Member (former Treasurer) of the Lincolnshire Society


April 22nd, 2023 12:00 PM   to   3:00 PM
Steep Hill Room
Wig & Mitre
30 Steep Hill
Lincoln, LN2 1TL
United Kingdom
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CIOL Lincolnshire Society