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Brazilian agri-business: a language that echoes across the globe

Maria Cristina Petrizzi will present a side of Brazilian agri-business most are unfamiliar with, providing a brief overview of the subject, including top commodities, main trade partners, biotechnology, including R&D, sustainability and the job market.

Cris will go on to look at what’s in it for linguists:

  • from talks to contracts
  • from transcription to subtitling
  • from interpreting on farms or for important world leaders
  • from science to law

The importance of qualifications and specialisation in this industry.

Q&A to finish

Speaker bio

Maria Cristina Petrizzi career in languages began when she was 19, first as an English teacher and then as a translator. She was later granted a scholarship to study in the UK and fell in love with this country.

Back in Brazil, in 2000  Maria became a Sworn Translator and Interpreter. In 2002 she started her own translation business specialising in biotechnology and law, and she has sinced worked with some major multinational AG companies.

As a member of CIOL Council, Maria wants to help disseminate the importance of qualifications for language professionals.

This event will be held on zoom – login details will be emailed to attendees who contact the network via

May 5th, 2021 2:00 PM
Online event
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