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CIOL Insights - The Languages Professions II

Provides a snapshot of the situation of language professionals in 2022, based on survey respondents. The report covers topics such as income, job role, volume of work, time off, remote working, travel, working conditions, professional challenges, and continuing professional development (CPD). The report finds that language professionals are facing a number of challenges, such as low pay rates, competition, technological change, external shocks and personal well-being issues. The report also highlights the importance of CPD, networking, and of educating clients and the public about the value of qualified, experienced linguists.



CIOL Insights - Translators and Technology

This report on translators and technology, was produced by the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) in November 2021. The report examines translators' use and perceptions of translation technologies, such as computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools, translation memory (TM) and machine translation (MT). The report is based on an online survey of translators, most of whom are CIOL members, and covers topics such as the benefits and challenges of using translation tools, the impact of technology on pricing models and the profession, and the need for more information and training on translation technology. The report finds that translation technology is widely used and accepted by translators, especially TM systems, which are seen as useful for consistency and time savings. However, translators are more wary of MT and its implications for the quality and nature of their work, and some feel that technology has put downward pressure on rates and income. The report concludes that translation technology is here to stay and that translators need to adapt to the changing landscape, while also promoting the value of human expertise and skills in the translation process. It also suggests that volume-based pricing models are becoming outmoded and that hourly rates or per-project basis may be more appropriate.


CIOL Insights - Careers & Qualifications

This report investigates the careers and qualifications of professional linguists in the UK and internationally and is based on an online survey respondents, mostly CIOL members, who work as translators, interpreters, teachers, or in other language-related roles. The report aims to examine the entry routes, formal qualifications, professional challenges, and perceptions of linguists, as well as the career aspirations of current students of languages. The report finds that linguists are highly qualified, committed to continuing professional development, experienced in other fields, respected by other professionals, but often poorly understood by the public and dissatisfied with their income levels. The report suggests that more efforts are needed to equip linguists with greater confidence in their business skills, promote the value of language services and improve the understanding of the work done by linguists.




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