The Annual General Meeting of CIOL will be held:

  • on Saturday 16 March 2019
  • at The British Library Knowledge Centre, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB.
  • Doors open at 09:00hrs (UK time), the AGM will start promptly at 09:30hrs (UK time) and is expected to last approximately an hour. 

The formal Notice will be issued by email on Friday 15 February 2019; members without an email address will receive the Notice by post. The Agenda and associated papers are now available via the Quick Links tabs to the right.    

The AGM is open to all CIOL members, irrespective of grade but in accordance with the Rules of CIOL, only Associates, Members and Fellows will be eligible to vote. 

The AGM will once again form part of CIOL's annual Members' Day. Details on how to register for the AGM and/or Members' Day can be found here.       

Frequently Asked Questions

To assist members we have produced some Frequently Asked Questions. If you need any further support please contact the membership team to discuss.

What is an AGM?

An AGM is a formal meeting of CIOL members held once a year in accordance with the Rules. The AGM is an important event for CIOL; it gives members and other interested parties an overview of CIOL's activities during the previous year, its plans for the future and an insight into the organisation's financial health. It is also the time when we announce the results of the Council election to elect new or re-elect existing members of Council; eligible members also have the opportunity to vote on certain key changes – for instance changes to the Rules and membership fees.

Where and when is the next AGM?

CIOL Council is required to hold an AGM in each calendar year. The next CIOL AGM is scheduled to take place on  Saturday 16 March 2019 at The British Library Knowledge Centre, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB.  Registration will open at 09.00am GMT with the AGM will starting promptly at 09.30am (GMT) and will conclude approximately an hour later. 

When will I be notified of the AGM?

Members will receive at least 21 days' notice of the AGM. The Notice and Agenda for the 2019 AGM will be issued by week ending 15 February 2019 by email. If an email address is not provided the Notice will be issued by post.  The agenda and supporting papers are also be available to download from the Quick Links on the right.

Who can attend the AGM?

All fully-paid up members of CIOL are eligible to attend but only Associates, Members and Fellows can vote.

Who can vote at the AGM?

Only full paid up members in the grades of ACIL (Associate), MCIL (Member) and FCIL (Fellow) currently in membership can vote on resolutions at the AGM.

What happens if I am unable to attend, but would still like to vote?

You can nominate a proxy who must be a voting member of CIOL. Please complete the Proxy Form using the link on the left. It must be submitted no later than 48 hours before the scheduled date of the AGM. If you are unable to nominate another voting member, the Chair of the AGM will act as proxy on your behalf.

How can I register to attend the AGM?

Please register via Eventbrite. The AGM is part of CIOL's annual Members' Day. If you wish to attend the AGM only please ensure you select the following ticket type: 'CIOL AGM – does not include Members’ Day’.  

What is the quorum?

The quorum is the minimum number of members required to be present either in person or by proxy to make the meeting valid. For the meeting to be quorate a minimum of ten voting members must be present.

What happens if we do not have a quorum?

If within 30 minutes of the appointed start time the meeting is not quorate, the AGM will be adjourned until the same time and day the following week.

What am I expected to do at the AGM?

Members will be asked to receive CIOL's end of year accounts and to appoint the auditors  for 2019/20. There may also be a number of items of business (resolutions) such as the approval of the membership fees for the forthcoming membership year and any amendments to the Rules governing CIOL. The results of the Council elections will also be announced and members will also have the opportunity to ask questions. 

What are resolutions?

Resolutions are formal decisions or expressions agreed to by a vote of the members. The ordinary resolutions (items of business) submitted by Council (and that you will see on every AGM agenda) are items relating to changes in membership fee levels and appointment of the auditors. Additional or special resolutions, such as proposed changes to the By-Laws or the Rules are normally submitted by Council but can also be proposed by CIOL members.

Who chairs the AGM?

The AGM  2019 will be chaired by CIOL's President Richard Hardie HonFCIL. In his absence the responsibility will fall to the Chair of Council Judith Gabler, FCIL, Chartered Linguist. Richard and Judith will also be joined by Ann Carlisle, CEO, Jane Galbraith, Head of Membership and Graeme Copestake, Finance Director.    

How do I vote?

Every voting member shall have one vote in a show of hands or poll. Votes may be given in person or by proxy. Please see ‘What happens if I am unable to attend, but would still like to vote?

Can I ask questions?

Yes of course, members of CIOL Council and the Senior Management Team will be present and happy to take members' questions. If a question cannot be answered at the meeting, every effort will be made to provide written answers (by email) subsequently outside the AGM. Members can also submit questions in advance by email to or by post to CIOL 167 Fleet Street, London, EC4A 2EA. Questions submitted in advance should reach us no later than noon on Thursday 14 March 2019.