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Where can I prepare for a CIOL Qualifications exam?

  • CIOL Qualifications is an Awarding Organisation that creates and runs its own language exams, but it does not run taught preparation courses for these.
  • However, other organisations separate from CIOL Qualifications do run taught preparation courses. These are listed for each exam in the other tabs on this page.
  • These course providers have not been inspected for the quality of their course provision.
  • CIOL Qualifications does not officially endorse or recommend any particular course.

Where can I sit a CIOL Qualifications exam?

  • CIOL Qualifications runs the CIOLQ Virtual Centre exam centre, which means candidates can sit the exam at home. This is listed in the PDF documents below.
  • In addition, other organisations separate from CIOL Qualifications are registered as exam centres, at which candidates can sit DipTrans, DPSI and DPI exams. These are also listed for each exam in the other tabs on this page.
  • Registered centres meet CIOL Qualifications' requirements for holding exams.
  • Candidates must contact their chosen centre directly to confirm availability of space and facilities. Availability varies and is not guaranteed by CIOL Qualifications or other organisations.
  • Exam centres independently determine the centre fees they charge.

Centres register and sign a Centre Agreement with CIOL Qualifications on an annual basis. The agreement outlines and confirms acceptance of Ofqual's General Conditions of Recognition 2017 (updated November 2020) by both parties. Preparation course providers are independent and CIOL Qualifications does not endorse, recommend or monitor preparation courses listed.

If you wish to register for an exam without attending a preparation course, it is possible to sit the exam via the CIOLQ Virtual Centre (online only) or at a centre which accepts external candidates. Candidates must contact the centre to confirm availability of space, facilities and to request confirmation of arrangements.

Contact us via or +44 (0)20 7940 3100.