CIOL Mentoring Platform

An opportunity for all members to benefit from one another's knowledge and experience.

Whether you are a linguist interested in sharing your skills and expertise to help nurture and grow the linguists of the future, or at the start of your career and in need of advice and guidance, it's easier than ever to find a mentor or mentee through CIOL's Mentoring Platform.

Find out more about becoming a mentor or a mentee by logging in to access the platform. 

"I have worked with my mentor for a number of years now. I use them as a sounding board and I don’t make any big career decisions without discussing the pros and cons. It’s this process which helps me to stay focused. I am delighted that we are offering CIOL Mentoring as a benefit of membership. We hope that members take full advantage of the scheme to support their career development and would urge all members to spread the word!”

Jane Galbraith, former Head of Membership, CIOL   

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